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   Chapter 107 Honey, Let's Continue

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The atmosphere in the room was quite weird.

Rex stopped walking.

He didn't step forward. Instead, he stood at the door and fixed his eyes on Ron's arm.

The moment Ron saw his rival in love, his face turned grim.

A wicked smile appeared on Ron's face when he saw his rival's performance.

"Honey, let's continue."

He was using his actions to scare the hell out of Rex.

Rex didn't step back. He took a step forward, raised his fist, and punched towards Ron.

Ron put his left hand around Holley's waist and narrowly dodged.

Ron stood straight and said in a low voice, "Rex. How dare you hit my wife? "

"It's you who are entangled with my fiancee. I heard the recording Holle gave the media. "

There was no concession in the world of Rex.

He stepped forward and looked at Holley.

"You were pestered, weren't you?"

Holley nodded.

She nodded without any hesitation.

Hearing the affirmative answer of Holley, Rex waved his fist again.

He threw a powerful punch purposefully towards Holley's right arm.

Her right arm was the closest to the right hand of Ron.

Unless Ron could watch Holley being beaten, he would raise his right arm to protect her.

Even if he didn't help her, he would take her to the left.

Rex was confident that his fist would land on the right arm of Mr. Ron.

By then, everything would be clear.

Under the bombardment of his fists, Rex discovered that he had underestimated the mind of Ron.

In this case, in order to keep the secret, Ron pushed Holley away. He did not dodge and was punched.

"Holle, look at him! His right arm is injured, so he dares not use his arm!"

"He is the man who appeared in Mexico,"

Rex said affirmatively.

"You're thinking too much, Mr. Yan."

As Ron spoke lightly, he unexpectedly uncovered the buttons of his shirt.

Under the clothes, it was not the arm wrapped in gauze, and there was no scarred skin.

His skin was so delicate that it coul

him powerlessly.

"Holley, what kind of person's life is it? It is so important to you that you can give up on yourself?"

Rex reminded her kindly. He was worried that Holley would be threatened and lose her mind.

"Is it Moore's life? As you know, Moore died in the turmoil. It is almost impossible for him to survive. "

He tried to convince Holley.

Holley shook her head and cried.

She wouldn't have believed it if it was Moore.

However, Holley didn't dare to take a risk even though she knew that it was impossible for her to be alive.

Four years ago, she loved him so much that she gave him the chance to understand everything about her.

That was why he was given the chance to manipulate her destiny at will.

"Mr. Yan, leave me alone."

This was the only thing that Holley could say. She caught up with Ron quickly. "I want the truest evidence, I want..."

Ron made a gesture to stop her, "don't be noisy. I want you to go to a place with me first. when it's done, I'll naturally..."

This time, it was Ron's turn to not have the chance to finish speaking.

Rex put the gun against the head of Ron, "I will not allow anyone to hurt Holley. Mr. Ron, please take out the evidence. "

"Honey, will you look at me like that? You know how cruel I am. I can risk my life, but can you?"

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