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   Chapter 106 I Don't Like This

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In the private room.

Holley directly answered the phone that was calling in.

"Hello, is that Mrs. Holley?"

Although the man at the other end was polite, his voice was full of gossip.

Holley hated that tone, but when she thought of the more hateful Ron, she endured it.

"Yes, I am. But the media might need to change the way they call me. "

Holley said lightly. Her voice was very gentle, neither too fast nor too slow. No one could tell whether she was telling the truth.

"What do you mean, Mrs. Holley?"

Holley corrected that man, "You can call me Miss Ye, because I will divorce Mr. Ron very soon. As you know, Mr. Yan proposed to me last night. I refused him because I'm afraid that Mr. Yan will bear the responsibility of pursuing a married woman. But Mr. Yan and I love each other. We're going to marry. "

"So Miss Ye, don't you care about what Mr. Ron has done last night?"

The man at the other end of the line was confused by the big news.

Last night, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Holley were still deeply in love. How could the situation suddenly change?

He couldn't figure it out, but still kept a good professional ethics to continue asking.

Holley smiled, "Why should I care? Mr. Ron has gone through so much. He's been the Young Master all his life but suddenly he is on the way to bankruptcy. Of course, he has to enjoy before he need to pay his debt."

"Mr. Ron is going bankrupt? Miss Ye, is your information accurate? "

"Of course. Since most of the shares of the Mu's group are not in Mr. Ron's hands, of course he will go bankrupt."

Holley was trying all her efforts to blackmail Ron.

Hanging up the phone, she wrote down the phone number of Ron with a smile, and handed it to Eleanor. "Look for your paid posters and post this number on each major website. Tell them that this man likes men. Welcome to call for more details. "

When Holley was saying thi

hrow this phone card away, and you created this opportunity for me. "

"Conspiracy, plot."

And Holley couldn't convince herself that it was just a coincidence.

"I don't care what you think. But from my point of view, you are my lucky star. Do you know what it means to me? "

Ron's voice suddenly became deep and serious.

How could Holley know?

When she didn't say anything, Ron kissed her cheek like a spoiled child and said, "this is fate. My wife is my lucky star. It means that we will be together forever. "

Holley had goose bumps all over her body.

This was supposed to be sweet words?

But she just felt creepy.

Taking a deep breath, she forced a smile and said, "be nice to your lucky star. She feels tired standing and wants to sit for a while."

"No, not good."

Ron refused with a smile.

"Then what do you want? I don't like standing with you like this. "

Holley emphasized her likes and dislikes.

As she curled her lips, she heard the door open.

"Eleanor is back," Feeling guilty, Holley pushed the man away.

"So what? You are my wife. "

Ron didn't want to let her go, but he saw shock and panic in her eyes.

He turned around slightly and saw the person who pushed the door.

It was nobody else but Rex.

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