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   Chapter 104 Honey, You Are My Lucky Star

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"I don't agree."

Holley refused without hesitation.

"I'll exchange it with Moore's memory card."

Ron was rather generous this time.

He threw out the chips that he was unwilling to throw out before.

Holley smiled and said, "then I won't change either."

"But you have no choice. I have notified Mr. Shen."

Ron smiled apologetically.

At this time, he could actually smile so innocent and harmless.

Sure enough, no one could escape the fate of being manipulated by him as a chessman.

Even though she was framed by him once, no matter how hard she resisted, she was unable to change her fate.

She nodded with a smile, "whatever."

She gave up. She couldn't fight for the facts that had already happened.

Seeing her give up, Ron nodded with satisfaction, "that's my good girl."

"In fact, I have been here for a long time. What Shawn said seems to be reasonable. But why don't you think about it? You will never lose your current power and position forever. But the Shen family will be trampled underfoot by us. Why are you afraid?"

The man said firmly.

But Holley didn't believe him.

After all, her power and status was given because of the name of Mrs. Mu.

Without this name, without the protection of the Mu family, she was really nothing.

Ron took her as a chessman. How could she do?

Those who were already on the chessboard had to keep going, and they wouldn't know the final result until the last moment.

"You don't believe me?"

Seeing through her mind, Ron frowned slightly.

He raised his hand and wanted to pat the little woman's shoulder to give her some courage.

But as soon as his hand touched the hem of Holley's clothes, she dodged instinctively.

"What's wrong?"

Ron raised his eyebrows and said, "you are my wife. Why should you avoid me?"

"You are disgusting! What did you do last night? Don't touch me!"

Holley instinctively disgust and dodge him.

Ron laughed, "what c

you gave up your wife. She spent the morning with Mr. Yan, and now she is luring my son into a trap again. "

Mr. Shen was not an idle man.

He wasn't as naive as his son. Every word he said was like a sharp blade stabbing into his opponent's heart.

This was called the bloodless iron destroyer.

"You want me to give up the shares without pay, Ron. Don't even think about it. The Shen family and Mr. Lan have formed an alliance of interests, and you, the president of the Mu's group, have reached your end. As for my good for nothing son, you can sue him if you want. After all, he will only be detained for a few days at most. "

Mr. Shen went all out.

But he couldn't control himself. He was so angry that his fingers even trembled.

He said viciously and in a determined tone.

"Then let's meet at the shareholders' meeting. Mr. Shen, don't be coward and don't regret it," said Ron Mu casually

Mr. Shen left with anger.

Ron burst into laughter from behind.

This was a shame.

After Mr. Shen left, Ron held Holley in his arms happily. "Honey, you are my lucky star. I'm afraid that the Shen family will stay out of it to protect themselves."

Holley couldn't understand what he meant, and she didn't want to understand either.

"give me the memory card," Holley requested.

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