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   Chapter 103 You're Almost Thirty Years Old. Be Serious

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Shawn walked into the bar.

At the sight of Holley, he felt that woman was quite harsh.

She was a hard hearted and ambitious woman, but what she exuded was that pure and simple breath.

Shawn was kind of hatred.

Why did he choose the wrong person and love the wrong person?

Sitting opposite to Holley, Shawn came straight to the point. "My sister is not the one who drugged you."

"Why do you say that?"

Holley smiled gently.

"If my sister was the person who drugged you, she wouldn't have told Mr. Yan. She will let you be taken away by a lowly man. She will not create a new relationship for you so that you can get a chance to meet Mr. Yan. My sister is a very simple girl. She worships Mr. Ron and wants to have a chance. As she knew someone wanted to drug you, she pushed you to Mr. Yan. This is the truth. "

Shawn said angrily.

Holley nodded her head slightly and said, "but the waiter who drugged me also admitted that it was Miss Shen who instigated him to do that. If it wasn't Miss Shen, I believe that the police station will find out the truth and give her the justice. "

"Holley, I don't care how other people accuse her or how the police station investigate. I just want to know what you think in your heart. "

Shawn thought he might be crazy.

he knew very well that Holley was not a kind person, but he still hoped and tried to persuade her to withdraw the case.

After all, she was the litigant.

"Holley, please think about how I treated you and how I helped you in the department store. Please don't answer me against your conscience. "

Shawn said aggressively.

However, Eleanor was still worried about Holley. She walked to a nearby table and sat down.

If it hadn't been for Holley, who had kept signaling her not to hit first, she would have asked someone to throw away the arrogant man like Shawn who came here to make trouble.

Looking at Shawn, Holley said, "Miss Shen is lucky to have a kind and considerate brother as you. Mr. Shawn, you are a kind man, but it doesn't mean that Miss Shen is the same as you. Even

was surprised.

He didn't expect that Holley would have done this.

"I'm helping you. You will regret it..."

His voice was getting lower and lower. At last, he fell into a coma and fell to the ground.

Holley took his hand off her body with disgust.

Eleanor walked up to them and glared at Shawn. "I didn't expect that Mr. Shawn would be so..."

She shook her head, "but what are you going to do? Shall we go to court? "

"I'm in charge of the matter about Lucia. If I also put Shawn into jail. I suppose that the Shen family will really drive me out of here and exterminate me. "

After a pause, she continued, "find a car to send him back to the Shen's Manor. And send a copy of the surveillance video to Charles by the way. "

Holley said with a little headache.

While speaking, she helped Eleanor to lift Shawn up.

When Shawn was carried to the entrance of the bar, Holley was stopped by someone.

"Ron, step aside please. Don't cross the line."

Somehow, looking at this man, Holley would think of his wildness last night. She couldn't help becoming a little hedgehog, and her words sounded not good.

"I suggest that you call Mr. Shen and ask him to take him home."

He seemed to be carefree, but determination flashed across his eyes.

Hearing this, Holley was outraged. She thought, 'you bastard Ron, you just want to play a trick on me, don't you?"

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