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   Chapter 102 The Only Time, Impulsive for a Woman

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6996

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Holley was stunned.

She didn't know where the flaws were that Rex saw through her little secret.

But Rex was not a womanizer who only knew about sex, so it was normal for him to have sharp eyes.

But Holley couldn't tell him the truth.

She can't tell Mr. Yan that I doubted your family killed my parents. I want to investigate the past, so I need the Mu's Group as a shield?

Holley smiled and pushed the hair near her ear, trying to avoid the man's burning eyes, "how can you think so, Mr. Yan?"

"As you know, Mr. Lan was trying to kill me with a gun on the life and death bet that night. I just don't want to see the Mu's group fall into the hands of Mr. Lan. "

It was not a lie, and it was just not completely true.

Rex seemed to understand something.

He is a man, not a narrow-minded man.

However, when it came to Holley, he found that he was more sensitive than the grumbling women or young girls. Just now, he even felt that Holley might love Mr. Ron, so he was unwilling to change the ownership of the Mu's group.

It turned out that his thought was quite ridiculous.

"I hold twenty percent of the shares in my hands."

Rex didn't hide anything from her.

"You know, with these shares, I cannot take the absolute control over the Mu's group. In addition, the total of the shares of the Shen family and the Lan family had increased to forty-four percent. Even without my cooperation, as long as they are willing to spend their minds to eat the shares in the hands of some small shareholders, the shares can also reach to 50 percent. As long as the stock is more than 50%, it means absolute control."

Holley said with a light smile, "but you can destroy their plan and prevent the Lan and Shen families from obtaining more than 50% of the shares in total."

"Do you think I should eat the shares in the hands of minor shareholders?" '

It was about money, business and interests.

Rex was extremely cautious. Even if it was Holley's proposal, he would need to think it over and over again. "Holley, what's the benefit of I eating the sh

was so heartless that she didn't save his number.

He sighed and continued, "I know you are in the bar. Can you come out and talk with me?"

"About what?"

"My sister, Lucia Shen, she is now detained at the police station."

Shawn was angry at the mention of his sister.

Even if his sister did something excessive and spoiled.

Why did they have to blame the drugging matter on his sister?

He knew his sister Lucia very well. She would never do anything like drugging.

"You can get into the bar now."

Mr. Shen and Mr. Lan had cooperated.

Holley didn't have the guts to distinguish Shawn's personality with her own safety.

"I don't like bars. How about we change to another place?"

Of course, Shawn knew what kind of place Eleanor's pub was.

It was impossible for him to achieve his goal in Eleanor's territory. After all, the Shen family must take some extreme measures when they had no choice.

But he found that he really underestimated Holley's coldness.

"Mr. Shawn, I really don't have anything to talk with you. If you are willing to come into the bar, we can have a small talk. If you don't want to, I can only persuade you to believe in the law. I think the judge will give Miss Shen a fair result. "

She refused to see him alone.

Hearing that, Shawn's pupils contracted fiercely. He said, "well, I'll go into the bar to find you now."

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