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   Chapter 101 How Absurd He Was

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At this moment, Roger was lost for words.

It was not reasonable for Mr. Ron to indulge in dissipation at this time.

Ron raised his hand and tapped on his forehead. Then, Ron reminded him, "do not tell anyone about my whereabouts, especially Young Mistress."

Without Ron at her side, Holley slept well. The next morning, when she woke up in a daze, she found that there were many missed calls on the phone.

Some of them were called by Eleanor, and the rest were all from Rex.

After hesitating for a while, she decided to call Eleanor first.

Eleanor didn't answer the phone, so she called Rex.

When the phone was connected, Rex anxiously asked, "are you home? What took you so long to answer? "

"I'm at home. My phone was muted before I went to sleep last night."

Holley explained casually, not aware of the seriousness of the matter.

After hesitating for a while, Rex did not mention how absurd Ron was last night in the phone. he said in a calm tone, "I'm outside the villa. Get dressed and go out."

Holley believed that the reason why Rex came to her was for the riot of Mexico.

After all, he said last night that he had some investigation materials which would be brought here today.

After simply washing and changing her clothes, she said goodbye to Ms. Tien and left.

Seeing her leaving, Ms. Tien hesitated for a while and said, "Young Mistress, you can't always meet other men. Mr. Yan came here at about four o'clock this morning. "

"Don't worry, Ms. Tien. It's for business."

Holley ran out of the villa in a hurry, but was pulled directly by Rex and dragged into the car.

"What's wrong?"

Holley felt that Rex was strange today.

Rex sighed and gave the phone to Holley without saying anything.

Last night, Ron Mu became a hit. The Mu's Group was facing a share crisis, but what he did was not good for the company. And he went to such a club like Happy Heaven to have fun.

Last night, he had asked three women. Each of them was beaten black and blue by him.

All the media pointed their guns at Ron, saying that he was a pervert and was spending a large amount of money b

about Rex, but actually he was persuading Mr. Shen to set his interests above the board and don't drop the benefits that were about to gain.

Mr. Shen snorted with displeasure. He just said: "then Mr. Yan please tell me directly."

Rex nodded, "please go back first. I have a date on holiday today. I will not talk about business."

"Rex Yan!"

Mr. Shen was not satisfied. Mr. Lan stopped him and looked at Holley with a smile, "Miss Ye, we are all clear whether you and Mr. Ron are really affectionate with each other. After the owner of the Mu's Group was changed, with our three parties' power, you could ask for a divorce easily. "

"What's more, the case that happened four years ago was a complete and thorough grievance case. I don't believe that you will be willing to live your life with a man who has put you behind bars. Look at our young and promising Mr. Yan, unrestrained and faithful to you. "

Holley didn't say a word.

She was struggling. She did hope Mu's Group to end up but she also didn't want it to change its ownership.

It was okay that she didn't know about her parents' car accident, but she must find out the truth once she knew it.

The result of the separation was almost complete. Mr. Lan said that he would not disturb them and then left with Mr. Shen.

"You don't want the Mu's Group to be taken over, do you?"

Staring at Holley for a long time, Rex finally spoke out his guess.

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