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   Chapter 100 So Happy

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Holley's answer was a little unexpected.

At that moment, Nancy just didn't know how to continue.

She stared at Holley in disbelief, dumbfounded.

Holley smiled and pushed the man beside her. "Since you have made her pregnant, you should take care of her and take her to have an abortion."

"No, no, it's my baby. You can't give an abortion."

Startled by her words, Nancy staggered backward.

She stepped back two steps, and came back to the car again. She said, "Mr. Ron, president, what do you want on earth to make you accept our child?"

"First of all, you said that you might be pregnant. So are you pregnant or not? "

Ron shrugged with hesitation, "If you are pregnant, do an abortion. If you aren't, get out. Don't bother me."

"What's more, you are pregnant but is it definitely my child?"

Obviously, Ron was doubting.

Nancy felt that her self-esteem had been shattered. she defended herself, "president, you know that I offered you the best when I was with you."

"So what?"

Ron shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "you were willing to give it, but now do you blame me?"

"president, don't be so heartless. You know that I have never dated anyone since I was with you. This baby is also yours. I said I might be pregnant, because I've tested it with test paper. But that is not a strong evidence. I just want to ask you, as the father of the child, to accompany me to the hospital for an examination. After all, I'm an unmarried woman. Even if you don't consider protecting the child's mother, please protect the child. "

Nancy pretended that she didn't understand what Ron meant at all and continued to ask.

Ron was so frustrated that he complained in a low voice.

Why did he find such a troublesome woman?

However, even though he was complaining, Ron still looked at Nancy coldly. "Don't let me repeat it again. If you are pregnant, do an abortion. If you aren't, go away. If I see you get entangled again, I will hand over the evidence of your crime to the judicial department. "

"president, you are so cruel.


Holley asked with confusion.

She regretted asking.

'Isn't it good for me not to live under the same roof with this man?

Why would I ask? What if he changed his mind and applied any of his husband's right?'

"Well, I'll get off. Do as you please. Bye."

As Holley changed her mind, she wasted no time and dashed into the villa.

Looking at the back of the little woman, Ron smiled.

He was delighted to see her.

After a while, he stopped smiling and called Roger in. He ordered seriously, "Your task is to protect her. If you dare to disobey the order again, you can go to supervise the gold mine in Africa. "

"But, Mr. Ron, you need more protection. You are in real danger now..."

Roger was telling the truth, but he was stopped by the gesture of Ron, "alright, you can do whatever I ask you to do. I know what I am doing."

"You saved my life before, so I can't..."

"So, you must follow my orders."

Ron was so determined that no one could object to his decision.

Roger nodded and responded, "yes, sir. But could you please tell me where you are going tonight? If you have something urgent to deal with, I can go there as soon as possible. "

"Happy Heaven."

A wicked smile appeared on the corners of Ron's mouth.

Roger was some absent-minded, "Isn't that the biggest entertainment club in the city? Young Master, are you going...? "

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