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   Chapter 99 Old Driver, Deep Routine

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Holley became alert all of a sudden.

No wonder that Ron didn't say anything all the way, as he was thinking about how to trick her.

'Humph, don't even think about tricking me.'

"Your question is a little strange. There is no such thing like 'if' in my world. In the face of what has happened, never think about what would happen if it weren't, because it would be meaningless."

This was how Holley responded to that man. She gave a smart answer.

Ron seriously nodded and said, "This idea is very correct. There is no such thing as 'if' in the world." Only cowards find excuses for themselves by 'if'."

He stated ideas so seriously that Holley never thought that this man would suddenly bend down and kiss her.

Instinctively, Holley turned her head away to avoid his kiss.

This time, Ron didn't kiss her.

He frowned slightly and looked at Holley.

Suddenly, he turned his head and looked out of the window. Stunned, he said, "Rex!"


All of a sudden, she turned around and ran into that man's arms. She kissed him.

Rex was not around outside the window.

Looking at the faint smile in Ron's eyes and thinking with her feet, Holley could understand that this was the trick of the bastard Ron.

Damn it.

She was fooled.

She was so angry that she pushed the man away. Holley wiped her mouth unhappily.

Sitting there, Ron just smiled lightly and said jealously, "it seems that you still care about Rex."

But Holley didn't reply to him. Instead, she pointed to the front and called, "Nancy."


Ron was completely amused by her. "The same trick doesn't work. And why don't you mention a possible person? Who is Nancy? She's just an employee who was dismissed."

"It's not a trap. It's really Nancy. What's more, she was not only a fired employee, but also had a relationship with you. "

Holley didn't allow the man beside her to shift her attention.

Ron frowned and touched his forehead, as if he was recalling the past.

d justice. Please, just tell Mr. Ron to have this child. You are such a kind and excellent woman. You won't refuse me, will you? "

"No matter how bad I am, the child is always Mr. Ron's."

With a pitiful look at Holley, Nancy pleaded.

She heard that Holley was a soft hearted person. And she also heard from Linda that Holley was the most talkative person when she was still a student.

So she firmly believed that as long as she cried enough, she could definitely get what she wanted for her child.

"Who told you I'm kind?"

Holley burst into laughter.

With a sly smile, she asked, "is that Linda Li?"

Holley was smart enough to figure it out at once.

Nancy was just a tool that Linda recommended to Ron to help her watch him.

Now that Nancy was pregnant, she should discuss with Linda first.

Otherwise, even though Nancy met her several times before, she was so arrogant that she would not bow to her?

Nancy then retorted, "Young Mistress, I really think that you are a kind person. You never took it seriously when I challenged you that much. I am a mother with my heart solely occupied by my child. "

"I'm so moved,"

Holley wiped her eyes, "But it's a pity that I have never considered raising other people's child. And I think my husband is right. It's time for you to have an abortion."

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