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   Chapter 98 If You Were

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Hannah had thought that there was a heavy crisis waiting for her.

But when Rex spoke, she was very happy.

Someone had helped her out.

Then, Hannah ran to Rex. "Mr. Yan, you've gone too far by saying that. I know you love and protect Holley. But you have suffered a lot from this. You have to know that no matter how you protect her, she is playing with your feelings. You should expose her, at least don't let me stand up for you, but being humiliated in public. "

She thought that she had blocked all the escape routes of Rex, and whether Rex admitted it or not, it would not have any effect on the entire thing.

Hannah was wrong.

'Mr. Yan is not that kind of man who is easy to be schemed.

Rex still put on an indifferent face and said, "Miss Gu, I'm really curious about where did you hear those words from? Where on earth did you hear that? "

"You told me that yourself. Why don't you admit it?"

Hannah seemed that she had been sold.

Rex shrugged, "did I tell you? Phone, text, wechat or e-mail? "

It was not until now that Hannah realized that she had fallen into another trap.

As a result, there was no way back for her.

Since she said that it was Rex who told her personally, she could only continue.

"Mr. Yan. You are hurting me. "

She hadn't been able to offer any evidence, so she had to say everything she thought of and hide her thoughts.

Breaking down like Hannah, she really had no words to say.

"Miss Gu, the media won't expose your telephone number. Show me the evidence. Even the call log. "

Even Ron was forcing her to take the evidence.

Almost being driven to the wall, Hannah explained with a pale face, "I don't have the habit of keeping a call record, and I don't make any boring recording. I don't have any evidence."

"It doesn't matter, as long as you tell me which number you called me. I will cooperate with you to print out the call log from the communications company. But Miss Gu, if you dare to make your stand in public and your so-called call can't be found out, you have to report a

. He was the one to blame that he loved Holley so much. It's his parents' fault. They didn't do anything good that year. "

Mr. Gu waved his hand and asked the bodyguards around him to leave. Then he said in a low voice, "the death of Holley's parents must have something to do with the Yan family. Do you think it will be a handle against him? "

After thinking it over, Hannah nodded in an instant. "It's true. As long as Yan night was in love with Holley, this could be used to hold him back. If one day he doesn't like that woman, he will leave me alone. "


Mr. Gu nodded with pleasure. "Anna, all that you had tonight is a small loss. You can only regard it as experience of growing up. You don't have to worry about the media. Someone will take care of it. There will be no report that is against you. "

In the car of Ron.

The man sat beside her silently all the time. If not for his hand always held Holley's hand tightly, Holley would almost forget the man's existence.

The atmosphere in the car was so embarrassing.

Holley wanted to say something more than once, but she finally was suppressed by the atmosphere and shut up.

Finally, the car stopped outside the villa.

After Ron dismissed the driver and locked the car, he said, "if, if there was no the matter of your parents' car accident, would you accept Rex's proposal without hesitation?"

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