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   Chapter 97 Sorry, You Are Wrong

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Although Rex confessed, there was not much shocking vows.

He was just making a statement of the fact, putting himself in Holley's shoes and considering for her.

Dumbfounded, Holley admitted that she was moved.

She didn't know whether being moved is love or not.

But the warmth did not make her lose her reason.

She still remembered the car accident of her parents. If that accident had something to do with the Yan Family...

Holley didn't dare to take the risk.

She withdrew her hand unconsciously and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Yan."

She had no reason but to apologize.

But apologizing was the same as rejecting.

Rex smiled indifferently, "I noticed that you just raised your hand. Actually, you don't reject me, don't hate me, and are even willing to accept me. It's just that you have just known me. You don't want to marry me in such a short time? We don't know each other well enough. That's why you said sorry, right? "

Holley wanted to say something, but Rex stopped her, "I understand you. Time is the best test for love. I will accept the test, and also time will prove it."

"Wow, Mr. Yan is so shameless!"

When Ron arrived, he heard that Holley said sorry to Rex and what Rex said then.

As a rival in love, he was aggressive and talked with thorns.

Rex calmly looked at Ron Mu and said: "an outstanding woman is always pursued by many people. Don't you think it's normal, Mr. Ron? "

He complimented Holley, taking the responsibility of himself for the immoral proposal.

"My wife has given you the answer. Please behave yourself, Mr. Yan."

As he spoke softly, Ron grabbed the little woman's hand and said, "let's go."

Almost dragged away, Holley looked back and took an apologetic look at Rex. She did not choose to resist, but let Ron take her away.

Ron didn't return to the Banquet House, but pulled the woman towards the parking lot.



A cruel smile appeared on the corners of Ron's mouth.

He was grateful that Hannah was younger than her grandpa.

"Miss Gu, how do you know these things?"

Ron asked as if he had been cheated by his wife.

His expression softened Hannah's alert.

Without thinking too much, Hannah answered. "I heard it unintentionally."

"When and where?"

When Ron continued to ask, Hannah reacted.

This was a trap.

Once there was a loophole in the time and place she spoke out, she would be equivalent to telling everyone. She lied to them.

It would be more difficult to use the media in future once she was proved to tell a lie for one time.

She was pondering on how to answer this question when Ron said, "Miss Gu, my wife was released from prison less than a week ago. You're so young and you don't have the Parkinson syndrome. I'm sure it's impossible for you to forget what happened in a few days, right? If you don't remember the exact time. Do you remember which day it is and where please? "

Rex held his breath and opened his mouth in the crowd: "I'd like to know when I ran into you, Miss Gu. But I didn't recognize you. Or are you lying? Are you trying to bring shame on Holley ye? If not, why can't I know the things you just said of me? "

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