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   Chapter 96 Propose, Not for a Deal

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Seeing Holley, Rex wasn't surprised.

From his expression, it seemed that he knew Holley was here before.

Rex greeted Holley with a smile and sat down next to her. "Tell me your real idea. Are you surprised to see me? Or do you think I'm a swindler? I called you and told you that I was in Mexico but I went back in secret. Or do you suspect that I have never been to Mexico?"

She lifted up her hair and smiled, "what if I say no?"

"What's that?"

Rex was stunned. He had never thought of other possibilities.

Holley smiled, "Tonight, here we are. Don't you think it's a boring conversation? You asked me out tomorrow, and we can talk about it tomorrow."


Rex nodded and continued after a pause, "but now I have something to talk to you."

"What is it?"

After a moment's reflection, Rex said, "I want to marry you, but you are not a single."

It turned out that he was going to tell her something. He wanted her to divorce.

All of a sudden, the smile on Holley's face disappeared.

She suddenly stood up and said, "Mr. Yan, I've heard that the night view of the city is good. Can you go out with me?"

Rex walked out of the private room with Holley. The manager of the Banquet House hesitated for a moment, ignoring them directly and did not do anything to stop them.

It was not until he saw them walk out of the Banquet House that the manager told Hannah the news.

'what a good chance!'

Thinking of that, Hannah walked to Grandpa's study quietly and knocked on the door.

Outside the door, she leaned her head forward and said to Grandpa like a spoiled child, "let's eat. Don't starve the guests."

"Are you hungry?"

Mr. Gu loved his granddaughter very much. If it was another child from his family who disturbed him to see the guests, he would be hit out by a walking stick.

However, as for this granddaughter, Mr. Gu just seemed to be very displeased by her words. Then he said to Mr. Ron, "Ron, you should think carefully about what we have talked about bef

h your mouth."

In the center of the fountain square outside the Banquet House.

Rex and Holley both felt bitter.

"I said I didn't arrange this. Do you believe me?"

Rex held the diamond ring that had been forcibly put into his hand by someone. He shook his head with a bitter smile.

"I believe you."

Holley said determined, "Tell me, Mr. Yan, should I say yes to this proposal?"

"Holley, I am not a waste. I was threatened by the Gu family because there is an important investigation which is not over yet. I entered the country through a special channel. The Gu family is quite powerful in the local area, so they have some evidence of me. So I must come back to propose to you and persuade you to divorce Mr. Ron. "

Rex explained why he had come back.

He was more than happy to hear that Holley trusted him. But he couldn't keep silent just because she believed him.

He wanted to give her an explanation, so that she would know what kind of person Yan night was.

He paused for a while and continued to explain, "because I do hope you to divorce Ron. And I do want to marry you. Even though this proposal was arranged by someone else, I still hope you can simply take it as a proposal. Consider whether to accept it or not. I don't want you to take it as a deal or a choice that you don't want me to be embarrassed. "

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