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   Chapter 94 Bow Down

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Holley set a trap for him.

Although that man, since he showed up on the spot, showed that he was on her side, and wanted to protect her.

However, she couldn't see through him.

So she pointed out the key point.

Unless Ron was willing to bear the blame and be said to be a man at any price for interests, he would never make a public statement that he would not pursue the previous incident.

Perhaps, by then, Ron would make some deal with the Gu family.

But that was not something she could control.

All she wanted was to let Ron embarrass Hannah in front of everyone.

There was no good expression on Hannah's face.

Because Ron was a man, every man had self-respect. If he let it go, it meant that he announced in public that he was a good for nothing creep.

As far as she knew, Mr. Ron wouldn't do such things.

After thinking for a while, Hannah walked up to him and said, "Mr. Ron, I think there is some misunderstanding between Mrs. Holley and me. I just want to have a chat with Mrs. Holley. In order to show my politeness, I asked the bodyguards to invite her to get off the car. But my bodyguards were so stupid that they misunderstood the word 'please'. "

"I'm not trying to stop Mrs. Holley, after all, the bodyguards were way too rude. However, the Mu's Group and the Gu's Bank have a lot of cooperation to discuss, so there is no need to ruin the harmony for such a little thing. See, tonight my grandpa's special plane will arrive at this city. By that time, my grandfather will personally invite you two to have dinner together. He wants to discuss cooperation and also want to make an apology for what happened just now. Can you just let it go? "

Hannah said in a lovely voice.

She was using her beauty and her family background to attract Ron.

As for Ron, he was just like an old mole in an abstinent department. He even didn't cause any emotional fluctuation because of Hannah's case.

He said ruthlessly and indifferently, "Miss Gu, didn't my wife say that? Trust the law and awe the law.

e heard that someone was knocking on the window.

The one who knocked on the window was the driver of the white van.

In the previous traffic accident, Holley had to take full responsibility, because he drove normally in accordance with traffic rules.

As the person responsible for the accident, she should at least get out of the car to apologize first, shouldn't she?

Even if she was noble and drove a Maserati and couldn't make any apologize, at least she should tell him how to deal with this traffic accident?

But after waiting for a long time, no one was willing to get out of the car. The van driver was so angry that he hit the window impolitely.

Ron rolled down the window and handed him a stack of cash.

"Is it great to have money?"

The van driver had already been annoyed by the attitude of the other party after the accident.

What's more, it was really impolite for them to dump the money without saying a word.

Taking a look at the little woman, Ron didn't say anything but pushed the door open and got out of the car. "Brother, not long ago, something happened to a relative of my wife. She lost her mind because she thought of that relative. I'm so sorry. Please forgive us."

Holley was dumbfounded.

Was the man really Ron? Was he still the arrogant Mr. Ron? He even willingly bowed and apologized to others for her...

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