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   Chapter 93 What You Said Made Sense

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Holley didn't refuse that divorce agreement.

She took it over and read it carefully, page by page.

She must be looking for something.

With her own little intelligence, Hannah guessed, "are you looking for the amount of alimony? It is the second term of the six page of the agreement. "

"Mr. Ron is Party A. He will transfer five million dollars to your account within 24 hours after you sign. The money he gives you is enough. You have a criminal record and tried to murder Mr. Ron. It's only one million and fifty thousand dollars to purchase a house of over one hundred square meters and decorate it in the city. The remaining three and a half million will be counted as your remaining thirty years working. "

"You can get 120 thousand each year. Your monthly salary is nearly 10 thousand dollars. Holley Ye, since you have a criminal record in your file, no company would be willing to hire you as an accountant. If you can't work your own job, I'm afraid you won't be able to make 10000 dollars a month for your whole life, will you? So I advise you to sign it quickly when I am willing to pay you. "

As a princess from a rich family, Hannah had always been domineering when she spoke.

She stood there like a noble princess.

However, her arrogance seemed meaningless when she came across Holley's coldness.

Sitting in the car indifferently, Holley leafed through the divorce agreement. When Hannah stood in front of Holley, she had the feeling that she was only a secretary of


She hated this kind of feeling.

However, Holley didn't respond at all. Hannah frowned and urged, "sign it."

"Why did I sign it?"

Holley turned to look at Hannah.

Hearing her question, Hannah was somewhat angry. "Do you have any right not to sign it? You almost killed Mr. Ron in the past, so you have no right to stay by his side brazenly. Besides, if you don't divorce

rward and indistinctly heard what had happened from the conversation among the crowd.

Relying on her identity as the daughter of the Gu family, Hannah could actually send people to harm his little woman in the street.

Fortunately, his little woman is strong enough to protect herself.

But what made him angrier was that Hannah had handed the divorce agreement to his wife in his name.

Ron didn't know why the little woman refused to divorce.

He didn't want to find out.

Because he had made up his mind to take that little woman's refusal to divorce as a reluctance to himself.

He passed through the crowd and walked to the front.

Ron glared at Hannah and her bodyguards sharply.

After that, he came to Holley.

When facing Holley, Ron was totally different.

It seemed that he had given all his tenderness and affection to the woman named Holley.

"Are you all right?" he asked gently

"I'm fine. But as Mrs. Mu, I am the same as Mr. Ron. I believe in the law and respect the law. Someone threatens my personal safety in the street. I want to solve it through legal action. "

She paused and pointed at Hannah. "But Miss Gu said that you wouldn't mind it in order to keep the capital chain of Mu's Group not broken. Really? "

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