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   Chapter 92 Sign the Divorce Agreement

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Powerful as Hannah was, she was no match for an idiot like Linda.

Holley commented.

Although her sudden change of expression was quite ridiculous.

But Hannah was quite wise to do so.

She not only took herself out of the whole event, but also successfully found a way to help her bodyguards get away with the crime.

Things couldn't be solved so easy.

Holley lifted her foot and stepped on the bodyguard nearest to her.

"Hannah Gu, your bodyguards did such a thing to me in the street. Can you just say 'get away' to make these criminals disappear from the scene of crime?"

Because of the traffic jam, there were already a lot of onlookers around.

Some were making video calls; some were taking pictures; some were reporting cases to the police station.

Holley had nothing to lose and she had nothing to fear.

Without any hesitation, she pointed out who Hannah Gu was.

Hannah was with an expression of unwillingness on her face.

She knew that Holley was not a rabbit. What happened today was not easy to end.

But after all, most of the power of Gu's Bank was not in this city.

Hannah also knew that if it got big, she wouldn't be involved. But the six bodyguards couldn't avoid it.

She had thought to ask the six bodyguards to leave the scene as soon as possible.

When the time came, without evidence, she could say that she didn't remember which six bodyguards followed her.

The police officers didn't want to make things difficult for the Gu's Bank.

At that time, she could use some tricks and let Ron let it go.

But now, her wishful thinking was in vain.

Hannah's face was very pale. she managed to squeeze out a smile and said, "Mrs. Holley, look at what you just said. My bodyguards are all boors. They don't know much about orders. I said to invite you to get off. I didn't expect them to be so unruly. How about this? After I go back, I will punish them seriously, and let them apologize to you. "

"I believe in th

still want dignity and alimony, you'd better take the initiative to divorce Mr. Ron. In that case, the Gu's Bank will give you some compensation. If you don't divorce, you will regret. But Holley, as a woman, I sincerely advise you to divorce Mr. Ron. What's so good for you to be with him? He had a lot of mistresses, but you had no background. Even the friend you cared most was killed by him. Is this man worthy of you to be with? "

Hannah turned on powerful brainwashing mode, "I don't think you're a woman who would follow Mr. Ron for money. Although Mr. Ron was rich, he would be poor soon. Because if Mr. Ron doesn't marry me, the Gu's Bank won't invest in the Mu's Group any more. Several years ago, the Mu's Group had been short of funding. You majored in finance, so you should know that the capital chain was broken, and there was no follow-up capital. What would happen? Without me, the Mu's Group would have collapsed a long time ago, and it would be the same in the future. I'm willing to stay with Mr. Ron and help him through the difficulties. My only request for him is to marry me. "

"Now that you have Mr. Yan, why do you choose a man who will go bankrupt and doesn't love you?"

Hannah smiled sweetly and took out a document from her handbag. "This is the divorce agreement between you and Mr. Ron. Sign it."

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