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   Chapter 91 Loving You Is More Than Loving Myself

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This message made Holley unable to answer.

After a while, she replied, "where did you get these photos?"

Rex didn't reply. After a while, some more pictures came.

The photo was as blurry as the previous one.

More importantly, the former photos were taken at the same place.

That place was in a mess. It was nothing but a heap of rubble.

"What is it?"

No one answered her question, and she received a text message from Rex. "Is it convenient for you to answer the phone?"

"It's convenient."

With such an answer, Rex called her overseas.

"In Mexico, I have collected the most advanced infrared technology captured photos near Moore's residence during the riot. As you know, the infrared burglar technology is not complete. I arrived at the spot more than twenty-four hours after the riot. So it's a little embarrassed for me to take the photos. "

"But this is not the point. The point is that the local people provided clues that when the riot happened at night, there were people from our country coming to the scene in person. The person in the first photo, though only his back, was recognized by the local people. He said that the person in the photo was that person who arrived at the scene in that night. I saw his back looks like Ron's. "

After reasoning, Rex spoke out his guess.

Rex smiled helplessly after finishing his words.

In fact, he really should be selfish and hide this matter in his heart, without telling anyone.

After all, Moore was a person who was like a family of Holley.

If Mr. Ron came to save Moore, Holley would remember him all her life and maybe they would make up again.

But in the end, Rex couldn't help telling her.

He couldn't bear to see that Holley still couldn't let go of Moore. She felt that all the sins were caused by her.

Rex didn't know if Holley would understand or not, but he didn't want to explain.

"I think he is likely to

were full of what happened today. She would never give up.

The way Hannah asked her was full of malice.

Having this premonition, Holley called the police without hesitation.

When the phone was just connected, the bodyguard of Hannah pulled the door open and rushed over.

Holley was not that kind of person who was taken away casually.

She rudely kicked one of the bodyguards by his crotch.

That was a standard female self-defense and also the best way to deal with bad men.

No one could bear it, including the well trained bodyguards.

Holley successfully trapped three bodyguards in her car, which was the advantageous spot for one man to defeat all the other.

Hannah was also a little stunned.

She was the daughter of the Gu's Bank. She always brought bodyguards with her, and they were the most sophisticated ones.

But now, her elite force was unable to withstand a single blow. They couldn't even beat a woman like Holley. It was too embarrassing.

It seemed that it was difficult to force Holley to get off the car.

Hannah was so smart that she changed her strategy immediately.

She stepped forward and said displeasedly, "what are you doing here? I asked you to invite her out of the car. What are you doing here? Go away right now! "

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