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   Chapter 90 He Was Flirting

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After Ron saying that, there was a long time of coldness.

The past flashed through Holley's mind. She recalled the past when she was with Ron.

At that time, she was the most innocent and beautiful girl, at least without any impurity.

All her happiness was ruined by that man's scheme.

People could talk about their past and talk about everything related to the past. But how could Ron? What qualification did he have?

Holley pushed the man's hand away and got into the driver's seat.

After she was buckled, she said coldly, "Mr. Ron, fasten the seat belt. Let's go."

"My hands hurt and I can't move freely."

He wanted her to do that.

Holley looked back at that man for a full minute.

She saw that he was determined and never gave in.

Holley sighed. She didn't want to wait any longer and bent over to grab the seat belt.

And now, she was lying most of her body on top of Ron.

Holley was trying to help the man fasten the seat belt solemnly, but she didn't expect that the man's original intention was flirting.

He actually held her in his arms.

"For what?"

Holley screamed and struggled, but when she touched the man's right arm, she couldn't bear it anymore.

"Say it, say that you believe I will succeed."

He was extremely domineering.

He teased the woman in his arms, "tell me, and I'll let you go."

"I believe you will succeed. Is that enough?"

Holley echoed impatiently.

Her mind was in such a mess that she didn't want to say any words to the man beside her.

So now that she was forced to say such reluctant words, she had no mood to argue. She just responded casually.

Her words were obviously perfunctory.

But Ron seemed to be perfectly content with it.

So fake?

Holley complained in her heart. But the good thing was that the man was a true man. He actually did what he said and let her go.

She then sat on the driver's seat again to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Holley fastened h

ocess. So am I. I just want you to buy a pizza by yourself. "

Then he looked down at his watch and added, "start the counting from now on. If you are late, deduct half a month's salary."

"You're taking advantage of your employees and exploiting them."

Holley groaned unhappily but she already got in the car. She stepped on the gas and started the car.

After the car went far, Ron called Roger, "follow her and protect her well."

"Yes, Young Master."

After Ron arranged his men, he walked into the company with relief. He took the elevator directly to the top floor.

What he needed to do next was not convenient for Holley to be present at all.

So he just let her go with an excuse of starving.

If she was not by his side, he could be free to do those things.

As soon as she started the car and drove to the main road, Holley could feel the traffic jam in the rush hour.

She sat in the car helplessly, looking ahead and completely falling apart.

Due to this traffic jam, she should still be trapped in the place after half an hour.

Her phone rang and a photo was sent by Rex.

She clicked on the photo and it was a blurred one, which was taken in the dark night. There was only a man's back.

"Do you think he looks like Ron?" It was a text message sent by Rex after the photo.

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