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   Chapter 89 We Are Meant to Be Together

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As the media journalists rushed into the ward, Craig pretended to be overwhelmed by grief and indignation.

He held up Linda from the ground and held her tightly in his arms. His voice choked with sobs, "it's all my fault. I hurt Linda. If I didn't announce our relationship in such a high-profile way, nobody would be irritated. It's all my fault. If I sent people to protect Linda in the hospital, she wouldn't have been bullied and then be forced to send that message. "

It was no exaggeration to say that Craig was quite capable.

He had solved the matter of Linda with a few words.

He not only solved his troubles, but also won a lot of favor and sympathy for Linda and him.

All of a sudden, the public opinions were all on one side and towards Linda.

All kinds of sympathy voices rose one after another.

Craig didn't answer any questions brought by the reporters. With his hands folded in front of his chest, he said humbly, "everyone, please let Linda go. She was badly injured in the accident. If you have any questions, please come to me. Wherever I am, I will answer them for her. Please don't bother her any more. It's too much for her. "

In this way, the reporters left as Craig didn't talk about any details.

"Mr. Ron, didn't they turn the tables too fast? It seems your plan isn't going to last long. "

Ron smiled, "What can the media do? The person who can really put Linda into a difficult time is none other than Craig. The more he makes it right in public, the more he will bully Linda in private. Wait and see. He will take actions against Linda after the reporters leave. "

Ron knew a lot about Craig.

As expected, the reporters left for a while, and once again, Craig launched an attack on Linda.

Holley couldn't help but look up and down at Ron.

Could this man guess so clearly what Craig was going to in the next step? Is it because they are the same kind of person that they know each other so well?

What a freak and horrible man!

The earlier sh

Holley smiled casually, "The show is over. Where should I drive you?"

"Of course I'm going back to the company. Soon as a president, I will lose my job because of the share issue. I need to go back and get everything ready. "

Ron seemed to have his own plan.

The more determined he was, the more curious Holley was. "What the hell are you doing? Aren't you afraid of the competition of the shares?"

"Because I have you."

Ron answered half-jokingly.

He had better not answer. Holley was completely confused.

"What can I do? I'm not going to rob. Won't I steal the shares for you?"

Holley suddenly felt that Ron was a little unreliable.

That man might set one false chess game.

She sighed and didn't know what she was thinking. She just persuaded him kindly, "after all, the Mu's Group is your family business. Will you destroy it? In fact, this crisis is very easy to resolve. As long as you release Lucia and tell Mr. Shen that it is Linda, Mr. Lan's current girlfriend, who framed her, the Shen family will not cooperate with Mr. Lan... "

"Holley Ye."

Ron pulled her into his arms.

He held the little woman's little head, rubbed it back and forth before saying, "can you be a little confident in me? You told me once that I was the most talented person and that I would always succeed in anything I did."

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