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   Chapter 88 On the Top Search

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6791

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Ron's plan was really not bad.

But Holley was not in the mood to care about that plan. What she cared about was her future.

She wondered if someday, when she was no longer of use to Ron, he would scheme against her at a much higher price than he did four years ago.

Fate, would never allow a repeated cycle of reincarnation.

Four years ago, it was four years ago. Now, it was time for Holley to move on. She would never be framed by Ron.

No matter how sophisticated he was, it was impossible for him to trap her again.

"What are you thinking? You are absent-minded. "

Noticing the girl's hesitation, Ron raised his hand and waved in her eyes.

Holley regained her composure and looked at him with a nasty smile. "Go ahead. I'm waiting to see a good show,"

Everything was just like Ron's plan.

In just a few minutes, Linda was on the top search list.

For a while, it sparked a hot discussion online.

Ron even chose several more reviews, telling Holley that Linda was totally black to the face.

Holley was listening to his remarks with a smile on her face.

But thinking of the constant news that Mr. Ron and his girlfriend, Linda, loved each other in the past four years, Holley felt a shudder.

She wondered what use she would have that she deserved Ron's being so cruel.

She began to feel scared.

Ron was the real danger.

"You don't seem to be interested in the hot comments?"

Ron discovered something and looked at the little woman beside him with puzzlement. "If you think that these words are not good at making up, you can make up a tougher one yourself. I will send it to some famous people to send it online."


Holley shook her head, denying, "they are all right. They are all right and sharp. I can't make up anything else. However, these are all the public opinion's pressure. We agreed to go to watch Craig break Linda's ribs, but where should we go to see? "

"Leave Mr. Lan some time. It may take him some time to get to the hospital where L

nformation of that message, including Linda's phone number and the verified identity of the Communications Operator, had also been disclosed online.

Shen family was one of the four major families. How could they submit to someone else?

As soon as the matter happened, Mr. Shen directly ended the conversation and suggested that Craig should first stabilize the situation.

He seemed to be kind, but in fact, he was giving the Shen family a chance to breathe.

As long as he could get a certain number of shares of the Mu's Group in a short time.

It was most likely that Craig would resign to the second tier to serve as a foil at the general shareholder's meeting, in order to fully support the Shen family.

The man who dominated made a profit from it.

It was a thing without a second thought.

But Linda's scandal not only destroyed his plan but also hurt Lan's Group.

He stared at Linda with a murderous look in his eyes.

As soon as Craig waved his hand, two strong men rushed over and dragged Linda out of the bed.

They quickly covered her mouth.

A quite violent behavior was performed in the ward of the hospital.

When all was over, Craig gave his men a hint.

The other men took the hint and stood aside in order.

At this moment, the door of the ward was opened, and countless reporters rushed in.

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