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   Chapter 87 You Are a Wild Kitten

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Staring at that man for a long time, Holley had guessed what he meant.

Curling her lips slightly, she shook her head and sighed, "as your ex, no one can be so bad as you."

This wasn't the answer that Ron wanted.

Did he, an indomitable man, play tricks with the green tea bitch like Linda, again and again, just for himself?

More importantly, he did this for Holley.

'you ungrateful bad girl. Can't you see that I'm getting even with Linda for you?'

Or couldn't she see that he did all he could to harm Linda because of the drugging matter?

Ron was so angry and wronged.

"Don't you know it's not wise to say that now?"

He didn't vent his inner discontent. He just taught Holley that this girl was not ruthless enough. She was a little fool. She would be bullied to death without his protection.

"You should give me a comment on me after I deal with Linda. Don't offend the person who cooperate with you before the matter ends, or things will change."

Ron was teaching seriously and Holley was listening seriously, "You're right. But as I said, I have evidence that Linda drugged me. Whether you deal with her or not isn't going to change her end. She would be thrown into prison. Mr. Ron is a cunning man. You always ask for others' payment in exchange for anything you offer. I can do anything to Linda. Why do I have to please you, coax you to help me? "

She smiled lightly, charming and lovely.

Ron couldn't help kissing her.

Holley grabbed the man's right arm.

She didn't try to grab him hard, but she was warning him not to take advantage of her. Or he wouldn't get a good result.

"Don't be so mean. After all, your are my legally recognized wife. What's wrong with kissing you?"

Ron complained unhappily.

Holley shrugged. She pushed away that man's left arm and sat a little far away from him. "Ron, if you want to make Linda suffer, just do it. Don't say that you do it for me. I ju

. Lan."

"Are you IQ online?"

The man asked in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Holley asked in confusion.

Anyway, she had to show this text to Craig. Otherwise, who else could she borrow to deal with Linda?

"It's so direct and it might have an ordinary effect."

That was a comment from Ron.

Holley was impatient and said, "You can publish it to the journalists and hit the headlines tomorrow."

"Don't you think it takes a little bit longer time? Time is important for us. "

A bloodthirsty smile curled the corners of Ron's mouth.

He had already made a plan in his heart and asked her intentionally, only to show that his plan was perfect.

"Then what do you think we should do?"

Holley rolled her eyes at him.

This man's scheming made her unhappy.

"Silly girl, it's the information age now. Anything can be done on the Internet. I am familiar with the people in charge of those large-scale websites. It was an explosive news. If we find some famous people, they took less than ten minutes to retweet it from the Internet and got it on the headline. Mr. Lan was a man of high self-esteem. He would definitely rush to Linda and teach her a lesson at once. I reckon that Linda would have at least three ribs to be broken. "

Ron ruffled her hair affectionately.

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