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   Chapter 86 A Man Can Be Persuaded But Not Be Cowed

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A faint smile appeared on Ron's face when he saw the little woman was determined.

"That's settled then. I'll go find her."

The man took it seriously and pretended to get out of the car.

Holley generously invited him with a gesture, and then said with a sweet smile, "Mr. Ron, this way, please. I won't walk you out."

She didn't take it seriously. But Ron didn't get out of the car. He just got close to the little woman.

Raising his hand to raise the jaw of the little woman, he looked into her beautiful eyes. But there was still a faint smile on Ron's face.

His smile was always so evil.

When he spoke, his voice was always filled with bewitchment. "Little fool, I can change the plan. Though I'm confident of that, I don't care about the loss of the shares from Linda. But anyway, it was the nature of a businessman to make more money. You're my wife, but you push me so hard to others that I may really go. "

Hearing that, Holley was a little scared.

Linda and she couldn't exist at the same time. If there was Linda, there won't necessarily be with her.

The only reason for Holley to stay with Ron was that he had invested her life on an investment project. Through this project, she could easily contact the key executives of the two biggest groups, including Lan's Group and Glory Group, and find out the truth of her parents' death.

If not so, how could Ron let her stay with him?

Unwilling to miss the shortcut to find out the truth, Holley was persuaded, "As you said, Linda has few shares. why should you go to see her? What if this is a trap that Mr. Lan set for you? In fact, he asked Linda to go and see if your arm was injured or not. In that case, you would suffer a great loss, "

"You're right. But I'm a person who will be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. If you beg me, I will promise you. "

Ron raised her chin and was about to kiss her.

Holley lowered

nce gave to her, Mr. Yan really warmed her heart.

She was silent.

Ron understood.

Inexplicably, his heart ached. Four years had passed, and he had never changed, but he had missed her anyway.

But that was not Holley's fault, but his.

After a long silence, he said in a low voice, "but you have to think it over. You are still my wife now. You can't bear to have an affair in marriage. But Yan family is famous and wealthy, so you won't care about our divorce and how much property you can get from it. But have you ever thought that if the car accident your parents had that year was caused by the Yan family, would you still be with Rex? "

"I won't be with you either."

"No matter why you keep me stay here, we will separate someday," she continued.


Ron nodded in agreement.

There was a dead silence in the car.

Ron didn't move his arm from her.

He just held Holley in his arms and looked into the distance.

After a long while, he said, "do you want to see a good show?"

"What good play?"

Holley didn't know why she was absent-minded for a long time and was silent with that man.

She raised her head in confusion and looked at the man beside her.

"What a bad luck of Linda!"

A look of confidence appeared on Ron's face.

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