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   Chapter 85 Mr. Ron's Plan

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This was a test.

Craig stretched out his right hand, so Ron had to stretch out his right hand to shake hands with him

But there was wound on his right arm, and he would surely see through it if he shook hands with him.

Holley was with concern.

She was not a sophisticated and composed woman.

Her creased eyebrows raised some doubts in Craig's mind. "Mrs. Holley, what's wrong? I just shake hands with Mr. Ron, and get to know him in a new identity. Why are you so worried? Maybe Mr. Ron's right arm was injured and he was unable to shake hands with me? "

He came to sound her out with a bad intention and even told her all these things.

Holley was panic stricken, but she didn't dare to say anything more.

Because she didn't know how Mr. Ron would deal with it.

Ron raised his right hand and patted the little woman's hand with quite affection. "Silly girl, so many people have gathered here. My plan to date with you in this remote alley must have been ruined. Even if you find these people annoying and want to get rid of them as soon as possible, our original plan can't go on. "

His words gave Holley a lot of hints.

Holley said half coquettishly, "if we can't get rid of them, we can get out of here. Why does we keep talking to them? Talking to them will take up more of our time. "

Ron pushed the little woman beside him and said, "get up. Start the car. We're leaving now."

After saying that, he turned his head back to look at Craig. "Mr. Lan, I'm in a hurry to create a baby with my wife. Goodbye!"

He waved his right arm back and forth freely to say goodbye to Craig.

It was not until the car went far away that Ron withdrew his arm.

Holley slowed down the car and wanted to have a look at the injuries on the man's arm. Ron shook his head and urged her, "don't stop, keep driving."

He said in a commanding tone, so domineering that it was impossible to refuse.

Holley stepped hard on the accelerator and the car raced at full speed.

It was not until the car was out

'm annoyed."

"Don't you think you're annoyed?"

Replied Holley sourly.

After hearing that, Ron put up his hands and said, "maybe, for you, I'm really upset. But it seems that I'm not bothering at all for Linda. "

"What do you mean?"

Holley asked in confusion.

Raising his mobile phone, Ron read, "dear brother Ron, I don't want to be with Mr. Lan, but he threatened me, so I had no choice. I love you. I don't care how much you have done to hurt me after you were seduced by Holley. I only know that I love you. In any case, I just want to be with you. Now Mr. Lan and Mr. Shen are ganging up against you. I don't want my shares to fall into

Mr. Lan's hands. Let's meet and think of a way to transfer all my shares in your name. I love you forever, your Linda. "

"It's disgusting."

Holley would never forget that day when she answered the phone in the office, the woman Linda's voice was so coquettish.

Although it was Ron who read those words, she could still automatically represent it by Linda's voice.

Then Holley got goose bumps.

"But you have to know that, for men, this is not disgusting at all. On the contrary, it is quite tempting. "

Ron stated objectively.

Holley suddenly stepped on the brake and stopped the car. "That's so tempting. You can go to see Linda. Anyway, she is willing to give you the shares."

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