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   Chapter 83 Be More Cruel to Yourself Than to Others

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In the Maserati, Holley was still focusing on what was happening in the cafe and did not notice that their cars were surrounded.

Ron had sharp eyes.

He raised his hand and knocked off the telescope from Holley's hand. Then he took off the headset attached to her ears.

Holley said unhappily, "What are you doing? You just can't stand your ex girlfriend flirting with other men? "

She spared no effort to irritate the man beside her.

However, Ron didn't care about it at all. He said in a low voice, "There comes a lot of people of Shen family. Craig must have been disturbed. You don't want to be caught by him with the evidence that we monitor him, do you? "

Holley didn't believe it. But when she looked back, she saw a lot of bodyguards standing outside the car.

These bodyguards surrounded Mr. Shen and his two sons, Charles Shen and Shawn Shen with great charm.

"Mr. Ron, Mr. Shen invites you in."

The bodyguard shouted.

Hearing this, Ron ignored it. He pulled Holley into his arms again.

"He wants to see you."

Holley kindly reminded him.

However, Ron just smiled faintly, "who am I? An old man who said he wanted to see me, and I see him?"

Obviously, Ron was determined to offend Shen family to the end.

The bodyguard has been following Mr. Shen all the time. With Mr. Shen's identity and qualifications, wherever he goes, people respect him.

It was the first time that he had been ignored like this.

The bodyguard was impulsive and wanted to smash the window, but he was stopped by Mr. Shen.

He walked slowly towards them, not as elegant and calm as he was when he was reading paper or doing the pruning of flowers at home, but a bit more ruthlessness.

"Mr. Ron, my daughter Lucia is young. If she made you any trouble, please forgive her."

As the saying goes, a good foe is better than a bad foe. Mr. Shen lowered his head and said something pleasing to Ron for his daughter Lucia.

The director of the police station caught her in person and had the evidence of his daughter drugging Holley, so Mr. Shen was unable to negotiate with Ron.

Ron remained arrogant.

Rolling down the window, he gave Mr. Shen a slightly di

The Shen family means nothing to me. If you want to swallow Mu's Group, just go ahead. You're not enough. "

Ron was rather arrogant.

He was arrogant and seemed to be very unruly.

Craig said first, "Mr. Shen, don't worry. If you want to swallow the Mu's Group, please count my girlfriend and me in. I hold about 18% shares of the Mu's Group and 10% shares from my girlfriend. The total was 28 percent. I've heard that in the past few years, the Shen family and the Yan family have secretly taken in a lot of the shares of the Mu's Group. So in total, it should be more than 50%, right? "

Once Ron held less than 50 percent of the shares, which meant that he would lose the absolute control and decision over the Mu's Group.

Craig hinted that they could devour the Mu's Group as long as they cooperated.

Mr. Shen nodded and said sincerely, "the Shen family has sixteen percent of shares."

"Mr. Shen, you can discuss business in business field. But no matter how big your business is, you have to respect the law. "

The atmosphere became serious as Ron didn't give in.

Craig took the opportunity to settle the matter of holding a new general shareholder's meeting. "In that case, I'll go to the Mu's Group with Mr. Shen and Mr. Yan next Monday to discuss about the new candidates for the president."

Linda straightened her back and looked at Holley proudly.

She was telling Holley with her eyes that she would soon trample and crush her.

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