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   Chapter 82 Very Ambitious

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Because of Linda in the coffee shop, Holley had great interest.

She didn't need the man beside her to put the telescope for her anymore.

She grabbed the telescope with both hands and stared at Linda.

But in the end, she couldn't hear what they were talking about. So she was confused about the conversation between Linda and Craig.

"What? So embarrassing in public?"

Ron knew she would be interested in the people and things in the coffee shop.

He put a headset near Holley's ear and said firmly, "It will help you understand."

That headset was more than simple to help understand.

It was a high-quality bug with remarkable transmission effect.

The conversation between Craig and Linda was clearly heard.

Linda looked at Craig in embarrassment.

She never thought that a man was willing to save her from danger not for her, not for her beauty unexpectedly.

If not, why did Mr. Lan agree with her to lie down on his laps when she said that she could not sit down due to the fracture of her coccyx and that she could only lie on her stomach?

Linda didn't understand. She looked at Mr. Lan hesitantly.

'Does a man like playing tricks of playing hard to get?'

Carefully looking at Mr. Lan, Linda felt that the man in front of her was not at all worse than Ron.

What's more, that bitch, Holley, now with Mr. Ron backing her up, it seemed that she would not lose favor in a short time.

If she didn't find a strong patron, she would be killed by Holley before she had a chance to rise again.

If she could be Mr. Lan's woman, it would be not bad to marry him.

No matter what Linda thought, she couldn't beat a single word of Craig.

"I heard that you have 10% shares of Mu's Group. You can sell your shares to me and I'll give you double the market price."

Craig spoke out the real reason why he bailed Linda out of the police station.

He did so for the shares but not for the beauty of Linda.

Linda felt a little embarrassed.

She had always been a fascinating woman, but now she was only narcissistic.


s position as a president through possession of the shares?"

"You are very smart?"

It was the first time that Craig looked Linda up and down.

Linda said quite confidently, "I learned finance at least. I have a basic knowledge of finance. Although the share in my hand can't be transferred. But at the general shareholder's meeting, I have reached an agreement with you, that is to say, Mr. Lan has my shares, doesn't it? "

Linda's eyes became bright. She had a new plan.

"Good idea!" Craig nodded.

"Mr. Lan, I was Mr. Ron's girlfriend. Now, I need a reason to support you." "Can I make Mr. Lan feel wronged for a while and claim that I am your girlfriend?" Linda asked readily with her exchange terms.

Craig didn't say anything.

He never had a crush on Linda.

It was an insult to him to announce that a woman who had been flirted by Mr. Ron was his girlfriend.

He was unwilling to say yes, but was disturbed by the chaos outside the cafe.

Eight Audi drove for one Lamborghini. Mr. Shen, who had been indifferent to business over the years, who was behind the scenes, unexpectedly came here with the company of his two sons.

The Shen family's target was a Maserati parked not far away.

That Maserati belonged to Ron.

When Craig noticed that Ron was here, the corners of his mouth lifted into an evil smirk. His pupils contracted ferociously.

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