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   Chapter 81 The Cafe

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Holley seemed to asked casually, "What game did you play?"

She wanted to know what position the man would put her in his chess game, and what would her final result be like.

However, all these questions were too straightforward.

A scheming man like Ron was no exception to speak out.

Even if it was her Holley who played a big game, she would not reveal the fate of the chessman casually.

She thought this question was smart and reasonable, but she underestimated the caution of that man.

"You'll know, sooner or later, but not now." Ron smiled unfathomably.

How could Holley give up?

Every time she was at the mercy of Ron as a chessman, she had a bad ending.

Four years ago, she was put in jail.

Four years later, she almost died under the bullet and was drugged.

But now, he was going to manipulate her again and do anything to hurt her. No way!

Holley exerted her tactics to the extreme. "stop playing enigmatic. I don't think there is any chess game at all. It's all a lie that you made up to cover up the truth of let go of Linda."

She thought it would work to piss him off.

But to her surprise, there was a smile in Ron's eyes.

He put his big hand around the little woman's waist and pulled her into his arms. "Sweetie, don't try to challenge me."

He saw through her, "since it's my big game, how can I easily tell all the details to others? No one but I know what the game is. Only in this way can I guarantee that I can win. Am I right? "

Holley nodded helplessly. "Yes, you are right. Anyway, you are so powerful that you can say anything you want. But, believe it or not. It is up to me. In my opinion, it is you who let go of Linda. And you have to keep in touch with the third person in our marriage. "

She stressed the fact.

Ron nodded, "it doesn't matter, as long as you a

and looked back at Ron. "Mr. Ron, would you like to drink the coffee here, or have some snacks, or do you want me to order a take out?"

She had learned to ask that man why he came to this coffee shop first.

Ron just smiled and handed her a high definition telescope.

"For what?"

"Take it to see the coffee shop."

As a matter of course, Ron placed the telescope in front of the little woman's eyes.

Through the telescope, Holley saw that Linda was really with Craig.

Moreover, the relationship between Linda and Craig seemed unusual. She was actually fiddling the buttons of Mr. Lan's suit.

She untied it, and then tied it. Then she untied it again.

At the same time, Craig was sitting in front of Linda and having a cup of coffee. He didn't stop Linda, but he suddenly reached out his left hand and grabbed Linda's hand.

"Go to hell!"

Craig replied in a serious and unhappy tone.

Linda chuckled and said, "Mr. Lan, you must be kidding. I don't dare to court death. I just want to find your..."

Before she could finish her sentence, her hand was pulled apart by the button of the suit by Craig all of a sudden. "I saved you out of the police station. It has nothing to do with you as a woman."

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