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   Chapter 80 Play a Big Game

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Ron smiled, "Why wouldn't I?"

He smiled. "Four years have passed. Even if you've looked for it carefully, you won't find any evidence. Moreover, four years ago, all the clues had been eliminated. What's more, compared with my power and your status, even if you have evidence, you won't be able to reverse the case. Why cannot I say? "

It was beyond Holley's expectation that Ron was willing to tell her what had happened in that year.

Was it a plot?

"So, you asked me to go to the seaside. Will you kill me once I know the truth?"

Realizing that the little woman had the weird idea after listening to him for such a long time, he sat up helplessly.

"How come you still don't know me? You have to pay the price if I tell you the truth. "

"What do you want?"

As she expected, that man had his own plan.

Ron pointed at his injured arm and said solemnly, "it hurts. I need a kiss before it can recover."

"I kiss you?"

"Don't even think about it," Holley couldn't do that.

"Then you don't ask what happened four years ago."

Ron said seriously.

In a trance, Holley understood.

That man knew she wouldn't kiss him, so he made this request.

He never thought about telling her what happened four years ago.

Another tease.

He thought it was fun.

"That's enough, Ron. If you don't want to tell me the truth, just tell me frankly. Don't play tricks on me."

Holley was angry at herself being silly. She didn't expect that this was his sweet game.

She didn't want to face Ron any more. Even if she had to go back from the seaside and walk to the villa, she didn't want to sit in the same car with that man any more.

She was about to push the door and get off.

Ron raised his hand and locked the door, "it's easy. You are tired and fell asleep. You were drugged, so you know nothing. When I catch you in coma and stab myself with a knife. And your fingerprint was on the knife. I did get hurt. "

That man told her the truth

irstly think that the man said this to prove that he was not the one who bailed Linda out of the police station.

She just felt that she had heard the most ridiculous joke.

Ron remained silent.

But Holley slightly frowned, "But didn't it prove more that it was you who bailed her out? You're the only one who is afraid of losing out your shares so you bailed her out.""


Ron sighed helplessly, turned out the camera in the car and handed it to Holley.

If the photos were falsified.

The original photo in the camera was always real.

It turned out that it was really Craig who bailed out Linda.

It seemed that he was still holding a grudge against Ron for what happened at the banquet. He wanted to deal with Ron and the Mu's Group, so he took Linda as a breakthrough point.

If Craig could get 10% shares of Mu's Group, he would become one of the major shareholders of the Mu's Group.

And the time in the pictures showed that Ron arrived at the police station far earlier than her, Holley Ye.

"Then why didn't you stop them? Linda would definitely work with Mr. Lan. That was ten percent of the shares!"

Holley asked with confusion.

However, there was a meaningful smile on the face of Ron. "Why did I stop them? I've just played a big game. The chess game has just begun."

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