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   Chapter 78 She Was Won By Him

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Ron closed his eyes slightly.

Ron pondered for a long time, seeming to consider whether to tell the truth or not.

Finally, he slowly opened his eyes and shook his head with a little headache. "You are such a troublesome woman. Anyway, it has something to do with you. It's okay to let you know. "


He called his most trusted bodyguard.

"Take it out."

As per Ron's order, Roger took out a chip and put it in the palm of his hand.

"What's this?"

Holley didn't understand. Why did a chip like this make Ron pay such a terrible price?

"Don't underestimate that chip. It's the internal financial information of Rex's company."

Financial information was a lot more important than any other information.

The loss of financial information was equal to the loss of the company's core confidential information.

Because important information would be leaked out in the financial reports. Everyone who was sensible could get some useful information from the financial reports.

Seeing that the little woman understood the importance of the chip, Ron said again, "although I got the chip, most of the evidences would be led to Craig Lan. As you know, Mu's Group is not in a good situation these few years. Although I won the projects by chance, I have also become the thorn in the eyes of Mr. Lan. In order to survive in the sandwiches, I have to lead the war on someone else. It's the best choice to let Rex Yan fight against Craig Lan. "

He analyzed firmly.

Somehow, Holley still felt that the whole thing was a little weird.

Was she thinking too much?

"What are you thinking about? Don't you know why Rex didn't tell you that the group's core confidential information has been stolen? "

Ron smirked, "as far as we know, Rex is a playboy. He doesn't pay much attention to women, nor does he associate women with the business of the company. Besides, you are my wife in name. How could Rex tell you the important industry secrets of his company? "

Then he pointed at the little woman's phone. "It's time for you to text back. You haven't replied for a long time. As a smart perso

rning, he went to work without disturbing you. He also asked me not to wake up Young Mistress."

"Thanks for your help last night, Ms. Tien."

"You're welcome, Young Mistress. It's what I should do. But as you see, Young Master has been badly injured, and he still has to worry about the business in the company. He said he went to work for you. Even if he died, he could not give Yan Family and Lan family any chance to destroy Mu's Group. Young Mistress, shouldn't you deliver some food and soup in person at this time? "

Ms. Tien egged on Holley.

Holley looked at the time, "It's more than 2:00 pm. He must have eaten already."

She didn't want to go to send him lunch.

Besides, Ron was not stupid. Why didn't he eat?

"Young Mistress, I am not scolding you. There were ups and downs between you and Young Master, although it is a good thing. But the reason why Linda intervened that year was that you didn't keep an eye on Young Master. Although men were disgusted with the inspection. But now Young Master is injured and he needs to be taken care of. It's perfectly reasonable for you to send lunch to him, Young Mistress. You'd better keep an eye on him. What if there is another mistress? "

When Ms. Tien mentioned Linda, Holley changed her mind.

She could take advantage of the opportunity of bringing food to Ron to see Linda.

Anyway, she wanted to know how exactly she was set up by Ron.

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