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   Chapter 77 The Bad Girl Attracting Men to Commit a Crime

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6379

Updated: 2020-01-12 00:03

Seeing the doctor's figure completely disappeared, Ron slightly looked away to the little woman beside him.

If he didn't look at her, Ron still could feel her small hand held in his palm.

But when he looked back, he found that the woman paid no attention to him at all.

In addition, the girl was still staring at the phone screen in a daze.

Being stared at by someone, Holley collected some thoughts.

She put the phone on her lap and seriously looked at the man lying on the sofa.

"Did you hurt your arm in Mexico?"

She hated to guess. Holley asked directly.

Ron was expressionless and composed.

There was even calmness in his eyes.

However, when the man looked at her, his indifferent expression gradually changed into a playful smile.

"Why do you have such a strange idea?"

"I agree with you. It's so strange, but I can't ignore the fact and truth."

"If you weren't injured in Mexico, Why so coincidental? There was a riot in Mexico the night before yesterday. And you had to leave?"

"What a coincidence! You have Moore's phone? Didn't you go to Mexico and get injured but grab his phone back? You rushed back to find me without taking out the bullets. Aren't you trying to stop me from going to Mexico? "

Holley's breath became faster and faster. "If you didn't know that Mexico was in grave danger, you had already taken back the things you could get, and it was meaningless for me to go there anymore. Why did you stop me? "

"I don't understand, Ron. Why do you help me while hurting me? But I just want to hear you tell me yourself whether it's you. Why did you do that?"

Ron's eyes remained calm.

It seemed that he was trying to prove it. Everything she said was none of his business.

His thin lips slightly moved, and he said indifferently, "I have never been to Mexico. I don't understand why you would think like that. But I can only s

id the man's eyes. But the man suddenly pulled her into his arms by the hand he held.

"Alas... Be careful of your wound..."

Holley blurted out these words. Upon hearing this, Ron gladly laughed, "You start to care about others. It's not easy."

Although his right arm was injured, his left hand was so strong that it pressed the little woman directly on his chest.

"Don't look at me like that. If you continue to act like this, I may commit a crime to you."

'You were hurt to nearly disabled, and you've just woken up to say this. Ron Mu, you big bastard, big hooligan.'

Holley struggled angrily, but failed to break away from the man's control. She was exhausted. She could only lie in his arms silently.

"You are using actions to tell me. Do you want me to commit a crime to you? "

"Ron Mu!" Holley was too angry to say a word. She just smiled and ignored this nonsense. "Oh, right. I want to thank you for your answer to those questions just now. Rex texted asking me whether your right arm was injured by gunshot and knife cut. I think, I can answer yes."

She smiled gently. And there was finally something in that man's eyes.

"No way! Holley Ye!"

Ron said with a firm attitude.

"Why? Reason?" A sly smile appeared on Holley's face.

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