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   Chapter 76 Your Petite Wife Is Quite Interesting

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The doctor smirked suddenly.

"Don't you know that Ron likes it, so he doesn't have to play anesthetic. Other people are afraid of pain but he likes it. Don't you know that? "

The more he said, the more the doctor felt it was funny. Before he could finish his words, he couldn't stop laughing.

"I think we should respect others' private hobbies. He is a freak, but it's not a big fault,"

Holley didn't consider Ron as her husband anyway, so she could openly speak.

The doctor nodded in agreement. "You are right. You are right. Well, I'm going to take the bullet. Be careful. He might have some kind of reaction when he was stimulated. If he hurt your hand, remember to ask me for the ointment. You are so interesting."

As he speaking, he removed the bullet from Ron's arm quickly.

The moment he took out the bullet, Ron sat up suddenly. He opened his eyes and looked at the doctor beside him. He nodded in relief and fainted again.

"Is he okay?"

Holley asked worriedly.

The doctor was treating his wound carefully, which didn't hinder him from laughing at the interesting things he thought. "What can happen? It's so painful that he can't stand it, so he passes out. But it's better for him to take this as a rest. Otherwise, he would be too naughty to show off. "

After giving the anti-inflammatory drugs, the doctor naturally sat on the sofa next to Ron, and grabbed the cushion from Roger's hand. After a quite idle rest, he waved his hand at Roger and said, "it's all right. I'll stay here."


After Roger left, the doctor began to gossip, "do you really have no idea where the wounds on Ron came from?"

He asked mysteriously. Holley couldn't help but doubt if she guessed wrong of Ron.

"Didn't you say it was because of that hobby?"

Holley asked d

w heavy the rain is outside? I came all the way here to save you in spite of the heavy rain. Now you are safe, your arm is saved, but I have to go home in the rain and catch a cold. You're too cruel. I quit! "

With these words, he directly sat down, turned his back to Ron, crossed his arms and said, "I don't care. I want to live here tonight."

"Then you go upstairs, turn right, and choose a guest room to rest. Leave me alone for a while. "

Ron drove away the doctor as if he was the God of plague.

But it also showed that they had a good relationship.

Therefore, the doctor knew many of Ron's secrets. And Ron could hand over life-saving things to the doctor.

Holley didn't pay much attention to the doctor and Ron.

If her attention was on them, she would find out more.

All her attention was focused on a text message on her phone.

It was from Rex.

He texted her and told her that he arrived in Mexico and was investigating the turmoil in Mexico and things of Moore.

However, these were not the point.

The point was that Rex asked her a question about Ron.

He asked her whether Ron's arm was injured, and also with gunshot and knife wounds at the same time.

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