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   Chapter 75 This Is a Freak

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It was late at night.

Dark clouds gathered in the dark night.

Then, Holley rested her eyes on Ron and gradually fell asleep.

A thunderbolt occurred and woke up the sleeping Holley.

She was rubbing her sleepy eyes when she heard the heavy rain.

'I'm so screwed, ' she thought.

In this bad weather, no matter who would come to Ron and dealt with his wound, it might be difficult to wait.

It was easy to cause an accident in this kind of weather, and once an accident occurred, it would cause traffic jam.

Especially at this late night, there was not even any staff of the police station.

She lowered her head and sighed. Then she heard the sound of key opening in the direction of the villa door.

"Ms. Tien, is there anyone else who has the key?"

Holley asked nervously.

However, as an old woman, Ms. Tien had already fell asleep on the couch.

With a sigh, Holley grabbed the ashtray behind her.

But her right hand was grabbed tightly by Ron, and her movements were completely controlled.

"Ron, if there came your enemy, both of us would have died because of you caught my hand."

She grabbed the blanket and covered Ron's face with it.

She created an illusion that Ron wasn't in the villa.

Although it was a bit of self deceiving, what if the person who came was a fool?

When Holley was ready, the door of the villa was pushed open.

Two men in black cloaks entered the villa, one behind the other, hiding most of their faces.

'People in black cloaks were certainly not good people.'

She murmured secretly in her heart.

Holley had been ready to use the ashtray to seduce one bad man.

As for the other one, it was lucky that she had asked Eleanor for a ring with poisonous needles. Although the ring was used to deal with Ron, now only the bad guys could take advantage of it.

But when the two men walked in, Holley was so angry that she threw the ashtray. "Oh,

passed, how come he got himself like this? His skin was originally good, but now the scars were crisscrossed.


Holley felt it hard to accept and wrinkled her nose. "Did Ron develop some abnormal habits in the past four years?"

The question gave her goose bumps. "Ah, so disgusting. He's a man. I can't bear it."

All the people present were adults.

Everyone understood what Holley was implying.

Roger took a glance at Holley with some helplessness but he said nothing.

Holley thought that this was silent recognition.

Oh, my God! It's really crazy.

Ron was such a freak.

"Don't you know how did he get all these wounds?"

The doctor asked unexpectedly.

"How could I know? I haven't seen him for four years. How could I know when he gets such a hobby?"

When she thought that her hand was still held by the pervert, she felt like weeping but had no tears.

"Doctor, could you please help separate our hands first?"

The doctor looked at Holley and replied in a rather serious and objective way, "I think the most important thing is to take out the bullet first."

As he spoke, he took the scalpel, the hemostatic clipper, and went to get the bullet from Ron's arm without beating the anesthetic.

"No anesthetic?"

Holley asked nervously.

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