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   Chapter 73 He Was Wronged

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Holley asked on purpose.

As far as she knew, that man Ron was a total scum.

But Rex told her that after Moore had been sent to Mexico by Mr. Lan's subordinates, it was Ron who immediately sent his men to protect him.

It was also because of the restrained power of Ron that Moore was able to survive.

Rex didn't want to tell her about this.

Because he was afraid that if he told her, Holley and Ron would get back together.

But now, Moore already had such a tragic experience. He didn't want to see Holley unhappy, so he decided to tell her the truth that had been hidden because of his selfishness.

Though Holley didn't believe what he said, she thought it was a good idea to sound him out.

Ron raised his head and looked at Holley, "believe it or not, even if my right hand is injured, it's still easy for me to take the phone back?"

The man was always overbearing and tyrannical.

Holley knew that if he used force, she could not protect the cell phone for even one second.

"Don't you want to tell me what happened after you got the phone?"

"I don't have any idea..."

Ron shrugged his shoulders and said, "the only thing I want to do now is to have my wounds treated."

Then, he took up the scissors again and cut off his shirt sleeves.

Rex had no reason to put in a good word for Ron.

'If it was true that he had sent people to protect Moore at the first place, his injuries would be...'

Shaking her head vigorously, Holley interrupted her crazy thoughts.

She couldn't think of Ron in that way.

If that was the case, the man was not a scum, but a gentleman.

Though she was unwilling to think it again, Holley was unable to change her mind. She moved to Ron and took the scissors from his hand.

"You've hurt yourself by your trembling hands. Can't you ask me for help? "

She complained in a low voice.

But what she said cou

his head and said seriously, "I'm a good man. I won't run the red light."

It was an obvious hint and Holley's face turned red immediately.

"Holley Ye."

He murmured the name of the little woman and smiled wickedly, "if it's not as I said, get out of the way. If so, I can make an exception for you, even though I don't usually run the red light. "


Holley couldn't help complaining.

"Then get out of my way, or I'll eat you."

Holley got out of the way.

There was something that she couldn't persuade herself to pay.

When Ron went downstairs, she quickly followed him.

"Ron, Linda has already been the victim of being out, hasn't she?"

Holley didn't want to ask so directly.

But if she didn't know what the man was thinking, how could she play any tricks against him. "I'm not curious at all about how you set me up that year. So, you don't have to be threatened by her. And you don't have to care about the one day time limit she gave you. "

In a daze, Ron seemed to understand what Holley meant. "So, you rushed downstairs to look for me just now, making the wound in my arm crack open. Do you think I'm going to look for Linda?"

He asked and shook his head.

Just because of this, the wound opened. He was wronged!

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