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   Chapter 72 Woman, Come Here

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A touch of complexity appeared in Ron's indifferent eyes.

His eyes were still fixed on the first floor.

The moment Linda was dragged out of the villa, Ron suddenly stepped out with his left foot and walked towards the first floor.

Holley felt suffocated all the time.

But she didn't lose her mind because of the pain.

In the past four years, she had been hurt so many times about this matter. That was why she didn't cry so much as she did in the beginning, and she was unable to do anything back then.

Then Ron went downstairs. It seemed that he had been threatened by Linda and would like to chase that woman.

Holley wiped the tears in her eyes.

She held the handrail and ran after him quickly.

"Ron, wait!"

Hearing the little woman's voice, Ron retrieved his right foot.

He stopped and turned around to look at his wife.

Holley was in such a hurry to catch up with Ron because she didn't want to give Linda any chance to turn over.

As long as Linda could turn over and win Mr. Ron's favor again, the one who would be unlucky would be her, Holley.

She was too worried. Besides, she had gone through too much tonight and she was hurt so many times.

She slipped and didn't step on the stairs before she threw herself directly at Ron.

For Ron, the wisest thing was to move sideways so as not to be hit by Holley.

After all, he was standing on the stairs on his side now.

If he didn't dodge, Holley would hit him hard.

And his injured right arm would also be heavily pressed under the weight of two adults.

Even people who didn't have common sense could imagine the result.

If Ron didn't dodge, the wound on his arm would break open again.

The wounds were always cracked again and again, which was not good for the healing of the wounds.

If they were infected again, maybe the entire arm would be sliced off.

But Ron didn't dodge at all.

He frowned slightly and looked at his right arm with hesitation. Then

ood on him, she would think about what happened in the court four years ago when she was proved to be not innocent by Ron.

The matter that she thought that she had completely forgotten and she didn't care about anymore caused waves in her heart again.


Ron threw away the scissors in his hand.

He failed so many times and cost too much energy.

He needed rest for a little more time before he could continue.

His shirt sleeves and gauze which adhered to his flesh must be cut off.

Otherwise, the wound would fester and his arm would be destroyed.

He ordered her in a half-commanding tone.

Holley was unwilling to stay and did not listen to his threat.

"Stay here. I'll give you the phone."

Ron's voice softened as he was speaking to Holley, almost begging her.

Holley rushed to him and grabbed Moore's cell phone.

She grabbed the cell phone tightly and was not going to let it go, as if she was afraid that Ron would regret it.

She reached out and stroked the phone. Then she found deep scratches on the back cover of the phone by her hand.

The scratches were still very new, and it seemed like they had just been scratched.

"Anyway, you are a man. Even if you still dislike Moore, he might have already died. Why do you have to take out his phone to vent your anger?"

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