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   Chapter 71 Did I Do too Much

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Ron's face had already darkened.

He loosened his grip on Holley and went downstairs slowly.

As he walked towards the living room, he commanded Ms. Tien with a low voice, "Pick them up. They are all in a mess."

Ms. Tien bent down to pick up all the photos. Ron also went downstairs, went into the living room and came to her side.

Taking no notice of the pain of the broken coccyx, Linda rushed over and grabbed Ron's arm.

Standing on the second floor, Holley didn't know how Ron planned to deal with the photographs.

But when she saw that Linda directly held that man's right arm, she knew that Linda was about to be over.

She broke his taboo.

Ron's right arm happened to be injured.

Linda ran over and grasped his arm with great strength. Needless to think, she had to break her coccyx again.

Although Holley couldn't understand Ron.

But Holley was right on this matter.

As expected, after Linda touched Ron's arm, before she could say anything, she was pushed aside by him.

But it seemed that the wound on his right arm was serious.

Otherwise, he couldn't have pushed Linda down with so much strength.

Standing on the second floor, Holley laughed, like she was watching a funny show.

Her laughter infuriated Linda.

However, since her coccyx was broken, she didn't even act conveniently.

Although she was not pushed down, she was still weak and had no strength to rush to Ron after being pushed.

She couldn't straighten up, lying on the sofa in pain, but not reconciled to the fact, she pointed at the photo in Ms. Tien hand. "Brother Ron, go and see. you can't ignore the fact."

She cried out, exhausted.

Ron raised his left arm slowly and put it in front of Ms. Tien, "give to me."

What he asked for was the photos. Ms. Tien handed them to him and looked at Holley anxiously. But there was more confusion in her eyes.

Taking the photos, Ron didn't look at them. He just took out the lighter with his right hand and di


Because it was Mr. Ron's matter, the police station soon sent a spy to drag Linda out of the villa.

Holley stood on the second floor and watched the show on the ground, with her hands crossed on the stair railing.

Even when Linda was dragged out of the villa, she waved her hand unconcernedly, "good bye, don't come again. Be careful that your coccyx will break. If it turns to be lifelong paralysis, you can't take care of yourself."

She was hurt again and again by Ron.

Linda felt deeply disappointed.

She didn't want to give up. She would never allow Holley to take Mr. Ron away from her.

Looking at Holley's annoying behavior, Linda cursed her fiercely in her heart.

She cursed the bitch Holley to die.

But she suddenly shouted, "do you want to know how you were set up and put into jail by Mr. Ron four years ago? And you come to me. I will only give you one day. I won't tell you anything if you are late. "

Although she said this to Holley, she wanted to let Ron hear it.

She was warning Ron if he didn't want to reveal the truth, he should go to her in one day.

Now, the thing that happened four years ago was brought up again.

Holley felt that someone hit her heart hard with a hammer.

At that moment, she just felt it difficult to breathe, and she was about to suffocate...

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