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   Chapter 70 Photos, What Unendurable Scenes

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Perhaps it was because Ms. Tien was a well behaved person.

So it must be an important thing for her to personally report upstairs.

"Got it." Ron didn't say anything more and only sped up the bandage thing.

"You heard what Ms. Tien said and knew reply. Why didn't you answer me when I knocked at the door? You didn't even say a word. "

What had happened before came to Holley's mind again. She could tell from the grim tone on his face that he didn't care where Moore was or where his phone came from.

She complained unpleasantly.

Ron raised his head after he had his wound wrapped, "you didn't say anything. I didn't know it was you."

His answer gave Holley an illusion.

If it was her, would that man answer her?

'what's wrong with Ron? Why did he say these weird words more and more frequently?

She couldn't understand the man.

Without further explanation, Ron rolled down his sleeves and covered the gauze on his arm.

He stood up and walked towards the door.

Seeing that the little woman beside the table was still in a daze, he pulled the girl into his arms with his left hand and said, "let's go."

Then she followed the man out of the room. Then Holley found that Ms. Tien was still waiting at the door.

"What is it?"

Ron asked in a low voice.

With a sullen face, Ms. Tien turned around and glanced at the woman standing in the living room.

The woman was dressed in the clothes. It was easy to tell that she must be a frequenter in night clubs.

She looked weird with one hand holding her bag and the other on her back hip.

This woman was no stranger to both Holley and Ron.

For Holley, she was the other woman who intervened in her marriage four years ago.

For Ron, she had been his woman for many years.

Linda was in the hospital when she received an anonymous e-mail. The person who sent the e-mail provided her a lot of photos of Holley and another man.

f such thing, I would have called the police and sent you out. "

Linda laughed grimly and threw all the photos to Ms. Tien, "you are just a servant. I am Mr. Ron's girlfriend. How dare you say that? If you don't know anything, you should shut up. "You'd better take a closer look at them. Then will you say that the bitch Holley and your Young Master love each other very much? I've no idea how many cuckolds she had given Mr. Ron. How could they still love each other? Really disgusting! "


Said Linda seriously.

The photos smashed on Ms. Tien fell to the ground.

Ms. Tien also saw clearly the pictures which were deliberately photographed and modified by someone.

In the pictures, she saw that Rex held Holley tight in his arms, and in the pictures that Rex and Holley were clasping hands together.

There were also some unendurable pictures that made people feel angry.

Ms. Tien was speechless for a moment.

She recognized that it was the living room of the villa in the picture.

She couldn't believe that Young Mistress had changed so much...

"Young Master..."

After a moment's pause, she looked back in shock. The evidence was conclusive. She had no right to say anything more. She could only leave the matter to Young Master to make a decision.

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