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   Chapter 69 Go! Young Master Needs You

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Holley was stunned by Ms. Tien's words.

Gunshot wounds, knife wounds... Was Ron going to do something to a married woman so that he ended up like this?

When she was confused, Ms. Tien asked again, "is Young Master home?"


Holley nodded, "He is upstairs."

"Thank God! I finally found him!"

After taking a deep breath, Ms. Tien put the medical box into the hands of Holley.

"Young Mistress, please go upstairs. Young Master needs you."

Ms. Tien smiled vaguely and explained, "it's not that I'm lazy. It's really warm to have you help Young Master bandage his wound in person. You and Young Master will love each other more deeply. When he recovers, you can have a baby, and then your life will be perfect. "

Frowning, Holley stood there. She didn't take Ms. Tien's words seriously.

There would be no result between her and Ron.

She would never bear his child.

The only thing she could figure out was whether she could bring the medical kit to bind up the man's wounds to get Moore's phone back or get the truth back.

Noticing that she was distracted, Ms. Tien pushed her and said, "Young Mistress, please go. Hurry up. I'll cook something delicious for you. "

"But he locked the door. I can't get in."

After thinking for a while, Holley believed that Ron wasn't the kind of person who would appreciate others' kindness. So she decided to find a suitable excuse and refused to go upstairs.

But she misjudged.

Ms. Tien happily took out a key from her pocket unexpectedly. "Universal Key! It can open all the doors in the villa. Young Mistress, hurry up."

Holley took the key reluctantly.

She went upstairs step by step and wanted the fourth person to be in the villa. And the fourth person would be willing to rush out and took the medicine box to go upstairs to bind up the scumbag.

In this big villa, there were only three people, Ron, her and Ms. Tien.

Ms. T

ake a hot bath. I'll fill the bathtub with water."

Hearing what the little woman said, Ron almost vomited blood.

What was she thinking about?

He pointed at his arm and asked, "do you think I can take a hot shower?"

"That is your own requirement. Since you are an adult, you must know whether you can take a shower or not. If you can't, you won't ask for it. "

Holley said indifferently.

Ron rubbed his forehead and couldn't make sure whether she said it on purpose or she really thought so.

After a short silence, he said, "I mean if I am in a good mood, I will let you know what you want to know."

If this was the case as usual, after Ron said so, Holley would ask him with a smiling face what she should do to make him in a good mood.

But today, Holley didn't come over with a smile.

"What? You don't want to know? Or do you think that you can get everything you want to know from Rex after he fly to Mexico? "

Ron asked a little uncomfortably in his heart.

Holley smiled, "I didn't go there because I knew you would be in a bad mood whatever I did. So I won't embarrass myself. "

When she was saying, she heard someone was knocking the door and Ms. Tien's voice coming, "Young Master and Young Mistress, if you are free, please go downstairs?"

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