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   Chapter 68 Don't Press Me

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Holley's hand was finally relieved.

She had no choice but to come back to Ron's side.

She didn't open her mouth, just trying to hint Rex by her hand to let go.

Rex released her hand.

That was a respect for his beloved woman as a man.

But soon, he caught Holley's hand tightly and had her little hand in his palm.

"Don't be afraid. I'm with you. We're going back to find Ron right now. "

He was determined.

When he decided to be with Holley, he decided to be her solid backing and protect her all the time.

In the villa.

Ron frowned slightly and looked rather tired. He closed his eyes and sat on the sofa.

Holley didn't care about whether the man was tired or not.

What bothered her was why the mobile phone that Moore had been using fell into the hands of Ron.

With a faint sulk in her eyes, she went over and wanted to take the cell phone of Moore, but her wrist was clasped by Ron as he raised his hand.

"So you finally decide to come back?"

The man said lazily.

Ron opened his eyes slowly and saw Rex instantly.

The laziness in his body was gone, and there were more indifference and vigilance.

Ron saw Rex held his little woman's hand so tightly that his pupils contracted fiercely.

"Holley, you are still my wife. I don't like other men to touch your hand."

Ron ordered in an overbearing manner.

But Holley didn't let go of Rex's hand. Instead, she gave him a resentful look and asked, "why is Moore's phone here? Tell me!"

Before she entered the villa, she wiped away the tears in her eyes, which blurred her eyes again.

She felt wronged, angry and anxious.

Ron lightly tapped the back of the chair with his slender fingers and made a pleasant sound.

"Holley, we haven't been together for four years. But don't you know what kind of person your husband is after getting along with me these days? "

"I never treat you as my husband."

This was the first time that Holley had been so self-indulgent since she got out of pr

that it was still warm and sticky.

"You are bleeding?"

Looking at the direction from which the blood was oozing, Holley actually found Ron's right arm?

She asked as she rolled up the man's sleeve quickly.

The white gauze was soaked in blood.

"How did you hurt?"

Holley was stunned and seemed to figure it out.

No wonder she pushed the man at the door. He didn't stand firm and was easily pushed away.

No wonder he fell down to the ground when she was grabbing his arm.

He came to his senses quickly as if he was angry, or because he didn't want to leave Holley any chance to see his awkward situation. Without a word, he stood up quickly and turned around. He went upstairs and entered the study on the second floor.

Before Holley could catch up with him, she heard the door locked from inside.

"Young Mistress, have you seen Young Master?"

The voice of Ms. Tien came from the door, out of breath.

Turning around, Holley saw Ms. Tien stumbled running towards her with a medical kit. "Oh, Young Mistress, please spare some time to persuade Young Master. He couldn't act like this. He was too careless. No matter how urgent the case was, he shouldn't let his wounds untreated and ran away in such a hurry. So much blood lost because of gunshots and knife wounds. The bleeding should be stopped at least. "

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