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   Chapter 66 A Good Thing Got Caught

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Holley hung up the phone trembling.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably.

She held her cell phone, stumbled around the sofa for three circles, and finally made up her mind.

She had to go to Mexico by herself anyway.

Her hands trembling, she dialed a number that she remembered clearly.

That was Rex's number. In order to hide it from Ron, she didn't keep it in her mobile phone.

Rex had saved Holley's number into his mobile phone and marked it with a lovely red heart.

He was ecstatic at first, then frowned in embarrassment.

Moore had an accident.

It had just been reported on TV news.

Several minutes later, she called him, and he guessed that she must have known something.

He was hesitating, but did not miss the call.

He answered the phone before it was about to hang up.

Holley said first. Her voice choked. "I want to go to Mexico. I don't have a passport. Can you find a way to get me there?"

Rex went silent.

After a full minute of silence, he said, "where are you? I'll pick you up."

"I don't know..."

Holley really didn't know when this villa was bought by Ron.

But most likely, it was when she was in jail.

But this didn't matter. "Rex, answer me first. Can you send me to Mexico?"

"Of course, no problem."

Rex replied with absolute certainty, "I will find you. Wait for me. I will arrive at your place in an hour at most."

Then he hung up the phone.

He made a few phone calls to make an arrangement for the trip to Mexico. After that, he drove the car himself to the direction of Holley.

Rex was astonished all the way.

He should have agreed to Holley's request so easily.

But he didn't say anything against it.

Not only that, he had made a decision to go to Mexico with Holley when he agreed her.

He must be crazy to make such a decision.

Mexico was now more dangerous than any time.

The riot had just come to an end, and the terrorists hadn't been caught yet. In ad

st came across? Or did someone do it against Moore?"

Holley asked sadly.

Rex should have comforted her, stopped her wild thoughts, and told her a kind lie that everything was an accident.

But Holley's question made Rex's heart sink.

He struggled in his mind for a long time and finally opened his mouth to ask, "do you doubt that this is really planned by Ron?"


Answered Holley.

Rex looked at her, feeling more conflicted.

It was hard for other people to tell whether she doubted Ron or not from her response.

Rex's reason told him not to cheat Holley or hurt the woman he loved.

But his emotion could decide his words and behavior, so he must be selfish, and even more selfish.

"Do you believe it if I tell you that Ron didn't ask people to do it?" Rex asked tentatively.

Outside the villa, someone was hiding in a car and recording what Rex and Holley did after meeting with each other through a super high-definition remote camera.

And any close physical contact was recorded.

When the recording was finished, the man drove away. On the way, he called the person who hired him. "Miss Gu, should I send these photos to your email?"

"Don't bother. Just send to Linda Li." Hannah answered indifferently and hung up the phone. A complacent smile appeared on her face.

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