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   Chapter 65 Do You Miss Him

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Next morning.

After Holley woke up in a daze, she found that she was in a strange room.

The super luxurious double bed, the soft pillow and the comfortable quilt in it.

Everything is a luxury.

Looking at the embroidered seal of the Mu family on the curtain, in a trance, Holley realized that she actually slept on the bed of Ron, into his home.

But what happened last night?

She tried to recall what had happened last night.

Last night, in Ron's car, she asked the man if he thought that Lucia was the real murderer.

He didn't talk about it and just told her that he trusted the police station's investigation results.

Keeping asking and raising doubts, when she almost forced that man to admit that Lucia was not the real murderer and the murderer was someone else, a damn phone call gave Scum Ron a chance to buffer.

Thinking of this, Holley's idea was clearer.

She clearly remembered that the man's face changed at the moment he answered the phone, and then he looked at her in fear.

That was the point.

Holley found that her memory was broken again.

All she remembered was that Ron gave her a meaningful look before she lost her memory.

And when she woke up, she found that it was not last night but the next morning.

Instead of staying in Ron's car, she lived in the man's villa in the city.

What he had done the utmost was to change her clothes.


This was the most unbearable thing for Holley. Why could that bastard change her clothes? Why could he take advantage of her?

She stamped her feet in despair and faintly heard a knock on the door.

She turned around with hesitation and saw an old acquaintance, Ms. Tien, appeared at the door.

She still remembered that four years ago. When she was wronged and taken away by the police, Ms. Tien grabbed her hand with tears in her eyes and said that she was a good person and how could she kill someone and hurt Young Master.

Besides, when she just knew Ron and came to visit the Mu family for the first time, many servants didn't know her identity, treated her indifferently and even mocked her when she didn't know anything.

But the only person who was nice to h

Holley liked, and also washed her favorite litchi.

Pulling Ms. Tien to sit down together, Holley and Ms. Tien talked for a long time and didn't stop until lunch time. Ms. Tien said that she would send something to her son who was studying in the university in the city.

Holley was possessed by her period and she didn't want to go anywhere, so she turned on the TV wearily.

She wanted to watch some entertainment programs, but it was the noon news. So she had to watch the news idly.

The news, which was not attractive to her, caught her attention because it was reporting on Mexico.

Riots broke out in Mexico, with countless deaths and injuries. Official intervention was currently under way and rescue was still underway. Many victims had been registered in the list of missing persons because they were not found.

Hearing this, she stood up abruptly.

She then continued to listen to the news on TV. It said that the missing people included citizens in this city and the famous lawyer, Moore.

At that moment, Holley felt dizzy.

She was so weak that she fell back to the sofa.

Her eyes were red. She held her hands so tightly that she didn't even notice that her fingernails were piercing into her flesh.

After a long while, she drew back her dull gaze, and went upstairs like some zombies.

"Eleanor, please help me find out who is behind the riot in Mexico."

She would definitely find the murder and take revenge for Moore.

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