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   Chapter 64 The Big Reversal

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After saying that, Holley was a little afraid and looked at Ron with some grievances.

"Honey, you won't blame me for speaking out of what happened that year, right?"

She acted as if she was bullied.

Even though Ron was extremely angry, he couldn't lose his temper on her.

Besides, no matter how he looked at that girl, he just thought she was cute.

He couldn't get angry with her.

But it was a pity that she didn't know.

"Of course not."

Ron was too generous to say it out in public.

But the reporter didn't intend to let them go.

As a journalist, he was able to dig out the truth even if they did love each other very much.

"Mrs. Holley, do you mean that Mr. Ron was not capable?"

The reporter asked directly without considering Mr. Ron's face.

This time, the reporter was not so lucky. Even if he put the microphone near Holley's mouth, but she turned a blind eye to it. She just gracefully sat back in her seat.

"Mrs. Holley, since you have spoken, why don't you tell me more about it?"

Encouraged by the reporter.

Holley slightly smiled, "Those are my private affairs, why should I talk more? Besides, I have said what I have to say. Those who can understand, naturally understand, and those who do not understand, naturally do not understand."

She looked so cold that she even didn't look at that reporter.

Still unwilling to give up, he wanted to ask more questions, but was interrupted by a sudden loud shout.

"The police station to carry out official duties, idle people and so on please retreat!"

These words were repeated for three times. Several dozen policemen came in with guns.

They only had one goal.

It was neither Holley, nor Ron, nor those reporters.

Their target was Lucia Shen.

The daughter of Shen family was suddenly surrounded by a group of police detectives, all of whom were strong and tough. She was frightened and turned pale.

She kept moving backward and tried to get rid of the policemen from the police station.

But every time she stepped back, those people approached her.

"Are you crazy? Do you wan

ised that Rex was a lucky star, but Rex only said, "keep working hard, and call me if you have any results and if you need money."

He was still hanging up with the news conference, and

he was worried about Holley.

Then he left in a hurry and got on his car. He wanted to make a call to ask about the news conference, but he found that his mobile phone had already been out of power.

He stepped on the gas and speeded up to 300 km / h.

He went back to the press conference very soon. However, he only saw that the journalists were walking out of the conference in twos and threes while discussing about several big reversals tonight as well as the affection between Mr. Ron and Mrs. Holley.

Those words were like knives to Rex's heart!

He was too late.

When Holley was set up and pushed against the wall, he was not with her

He even let that scumbag do such a thing as protecting her.

Rex regretted it. But after all, he didn't care so much about Holley when she was compared with things related to his parents.

He sighed and made up his mind to find an opportunity to make up for tonight's mistake.

"Mr. Yan, we have finally found you."

An urgent voice interrupted his thoughts.

Rex raised his head and saw his subordinates.

He raised his eyebrows. His subordinate said concisely, "Mexico is in trouble. Our people died in Mexico. We don't know where Moore is now."

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