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   Chapter 63 Which Man Is More Suitable for You

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Holley was put in a dangerous position.

The press conference tonight was to verify the true criminal.

The most explosive news for the press was definitely not the murderer. It was about if the love affair between Mr. Yan and Mrs. Holley had taken place last night.

As soon as Lucia stopped, the reporters were in an uproar.

They were discussing what had happened last night on the one hand, and on the other hand, they were playing with their phones on the other hand. Then, they quickly posted the announcement and occupied the headlines of all the major websites.

Standing in the middle of the room, Lucia looked at what happed in front of her, smiling.

She had long anticipated such a result, and that was exactly what she wanted.

Ron was sitting with a cold face. His eyes were as sharp as blades when he looked at Lucia.

At that moment, Lucia felt like she were impaled by his eyes.

If eyes could kill, she would have died long ago.

However, Ron's cold attitude didn't make Lucia afraid. Instead, she stood on the spot resolutely, held microphone up and spoke loudly, "Mr. Yan didn't come today because he is preparing for the wedding of Mrs. Holley and him. It was also he that asked me to make this truth public tonight. "

After saying that, she looked at Ron with a charming smile and said, "Mr. Ron, we have already talked about these things this afternoon when you came to my home with Mrs. Holley and Rex. Although Rex is hateful, something has happened in the end. As your friend, I hope you can hold on. "

Every word Lucia said was like a bomb thrown into the water and made a thousand ripples.

The media had been in an uproar once again.

Today's headline, in addition to the news that Mr. Yan and Mrs. Holley were together, there were also news that Mr. Yan was going to marry Mrs. Holley, and the explosive news that Mr. Ron even sold his wife to M

little fool."

Ron frowned slightly. He raised his another hand to rub the little woman's hair and smoothed it carefully. Then he said, "with your identity, you don't need to answer every question."

"But the reporter had asked."

Ron looked at his little woman with confusion.

He really didn't understand why she would like to answer such a question.

Before he could say anything else, the reporter put the microphone in front of Holley's mouth.

"Mrs. Holley, please answer me. I will hold the microphone up for you,"

When Ron looked at her, his eyes were full of obstruction. However, Holley didn't care about that at all.

He just didn't want to see her get into trouble.

His men would show up in one minute.

Soon, everything would be over.

But as long as she was happy to answer, he would respect her decision.

Thinking of this, Ron was relieved, but still holding Holley's hand tightly.

He thought he would give her courage to answer any question of the reporter.

Indeed, his touching gave Holley a lot of courage.

She put on a soft smile and continued, "As you all know, on the night I got married with Mr. Ron, I stabbed him and tried to murder him. But I was not successful. But I never thought of stabbing Mr. Yan. "

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