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   Chapter 62 He Is the Killer

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"You are so cute."

Ron couldn't help saying this.

Holley was stunned.

She thought of his thunder of anger, and thought of him turning away. But she didn't expect that he would say these words with a smile.

Was he crazy?

Holley was still there, thinking hard about what had happened to Ron.

The man had already overbearingly bent over and kissed her.

"Well, my baby, it's time for you to go back with me."

Ron pulled Holley directly into his arms.

Confused, Holley was pulled back to the car by the man. When she realized that she was on that pirate ship again.

"Mr. Ron."

Feeling a little wronged, Holley pouted and said, "I haven't seen Eleanor for a long time. Can't you give us more time? So that we can have a talk to each other."

"Some other day."

The man insisted overbearingly, "you have no right to show off if you don't feel well."

Then he started the car and drove away.

After Ron's car drove away, Hugh with a beard was completely exploded.

"Rex, are you blinded by a woman? She just stood up and hit the car roof. How could she lose her memory? As I said, it's impossible for her to lose her memory. It's impossible at all. Don't you believe me. Look, someone must have played a trick on you, and you were specially called to come here to see how much the couple love each other. "

"I finally have a holiday to chat up a girl, but I have to spend the long night alone because of you. Are you happy in your heart? "

After thinking it over, Rex nodded seriously, "maybe, I was really obsessed with her. She is obviously just an interesting prey, but I have fallen in. It is okay that she is fine. "

Hearing what Rex said, Hugh couldn't help but shake his head, and stretched out his five fingers.

"Got it. Fifty million."

Rex agreed readily.

He knew his friend very well.

He acted miserable and made complaints in order to gain enough money for their experiments.

matter what I say, even if it is about people you care a lot, you won't blame me, will you?"

"Of course, just tell the truth."

Ron stood up and nodded to the journalists generously, "thank you for coming to the news conference tonight. I hope you can make the most reasonable and most sincere decision to tell the truth."

Lucia just wanted to get a message from Ron.

With his words, she could say something shocking just as she planned.

After she nodded to Mr. Ron, Lucia smiled enchantingly and said, "I feel much better after hearing your words, Mr. Ron."

Then she grabbed the microphone and announced, "guys, I know why you are here. Since everybody wanted to know who dared to drug Mrs. Holley in last night's banquet of the upper class and had the ability to pay the waiter. I'll tapped the keyboards for you. "

"In fact, I could not have known the truth in the first place. But I was thirsty and didn't want to call waiters. When I went to the kitchen, I heard someone order the waiter to drug. It was the man who had got Mrs. Holley last night. Everybody must have known what had happened last night? Mrs. Holley was drugged, and Mr. Yan, Rex gained the most benefits. He even declared in public that he was tortured to death by Mrs. Holley. "

This was Lucia's trump card!

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