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   Chapter 61 My Conscience Doesn't Hurt at All

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6804

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Eleanor chased after Holley in the distance. In a corner not far away, she found Holley squatting on the ground with hands on her belly, pale faced.

"Hey, girl, are you okay?"

Eleanor reached out her hand, wanting to help Holley up. But her hand stopped in the air.

It seemed that Holley didn't know anyone.

Eleanor didn't expect that Holley would raise her hand to hold her hand.

She struggled and stood up. It took Holley some time to relax before she said, "I'm sorry to make you worried. I'm fine. I just can't bear to see the scum Ron. He is so shameless that he has done such a shameless thing. In addition, I just bumped on my head, so I want to find an excuse to run away from him as I have lost my memory. "

After saying that, she sighed helplessly. "I know that I can't escape. But I had to flee for a while. But why didn't that scumbag dodge? If I really slapped him, would he revenge on me and slap me back? "

Holley covered her face with both hands out of fear.

"No, Mr. Ron won't."

Eleanor asserted.

Holley just felt incredible, "Sister, why you talk for that scum?"

"I'm not defending for him."

Eleanor helped Holley and took her to the Rex's car.

She turned on the warm wind and filled a cup of hot milk tea to her. Then Eleanor sat there and said slowly, "my experience tells that there is love in Ron's eyes when he looks at you."

"Sis, are you kidding me?"

Holley was desperate.

She thought, 'everyone in the world may fall in love with me, but the scumbag Ron wouldn't.'

Eleanor's words reminded Holley's memory of all the things four years ago.

Although now, it was impossible to determine whether Ron had treated her seriously or not back then.

But that period of time was really sweet.

It was just, after her grant wedding with that man, that all the sweetness became painful and cruel.

Eleanor knew that that was to break Holley's heart.

But since Holley called her sister, she had to tell her something objective.

"Sister, I don't th

zy, or how could she feel guilty about that man?

"You... You... Why are you here? "

The sense of guilt she had felt was nothing more than a result of being exposed.

Holley was heartless and threw away the last bit of guilt.

Moreover, she could comfort herself that she need no conscience to face the scumbag Ron. Her conscience was not painful at all.

Ron was never a fool. He felt that the little woman was acting just now.

But he couldn't bear to speak her tricks out.

As long as the girl's excuse was reasonable, he could cooperate.

Raising his hand and lifting the jaw of the little woman, Ron said with an evil smile, "what? You want to go back on your promise after slapping me?"

"Are you kidding me? How dare I to hit you?"

Holley pretended to be scary, "Stop making fun of me, Mr. Ron."

Ron spoke in a more serious manner, as if he was holding a grudge, "Weren't you just pretending that you didn't know me and slapped me on the face just now? How do you know who I am now?"

"Come on, you Ron, are the man I hate most in my life. I can recognize you even if you have become ashes. Don't I know you? Besides, I've never slapped you. How can you say that? Are you a paranoid? "

Holley really admired her ability to lie. She felt that it was very good.

Now, the only thing she needed to do was to fool him.

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