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   Chapter 60 Why Not Dodge That Slap

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Updated: 2020-01-07 00:33

In the car.

Looking at the little woman next to him, who said she wouldn't be jealous, and her good-looking eyes were full of jealousy, a smile appeared on the corners of Ron's mouth.

He then stepped on the gas and started the car.

The car turned slowly. Following the rearview mirror, he saw Eleanor, holding the camera in her hand, rushing out of the car of Rex and towards him.

He said seriously as the smile at the corners of his mouth disappeared.

"Holley Ye."

Suddenly he called her full name, and he was even so serious.

Holley looked back in shock and stared at the man beside her.

What on earth did he want to do?

With a suspicious and vigilant look, Holley stared at Ron.

Ron smiled again.

A cunning smile cracked on his face.

"I suddenly thought of something and I forgot to tell you before. I want to tell you now."

"What's up?"

However, somehow Ron said sincerely, Holley still thought that he was up to something.

"There is nothing important. The video about Eleanor has not been spread to the cloud at all."

He smiled softly.

He looked so pathetic that anyone who heard him would want to give him a good beating.

"You are kidding me!"

Holley finally figured it out. 'that's why I asked where the cloud is. This bastard refused to tell me. It turns out that he never send to the cloud at all.'

"There's one more thing I want to tell you."

"It's that surveillance equipment. When you hit me by it, it hit the car and got damaged. You can't get any photos from the camera," said Ron with an innocent look.

"Shame on you!"

Holley was so angry that she almost forgot that she was in the car.

Suddenly, she stood up and was about to angrily accuse the bastard named Ron for not being too


Holley slapped on his face very hard.

The slap was clear and loud. Holley was shocked by it.

'Oh my God! I really beat Ron!' thought she.

Although the man was a scumbag and a super powerful asshole, not to mention a slap, it would be more than enough to beat him to death.

But he was Mr. Ron, a very powerful man in the city.

And the man who can kill me with a word.'

Scumbag, why didn't you hide?

Did he want to blackmail me?

Holley was confused. But now, there was no way turning back for her.

That was an arrow from the string and it could only fly to the distance.

She didn't hide her shock. By instinct, Holley asked, "why didn't you dodge?"

She asked and got off the car quickly.

In this way, before that man could react what had happened, Holley ran away in a flash.

However, Ron's eyes fell on her and never took them back.

He raised his hand to feel his face which was a little bit burning. Ron frowned slightly. After thinking for a while, he said, "Rex, is Hugh, the brain surgeon, your friend? Please come with me and ask him to treat Holley. "

After a pause, he added, "Eleanor, please take care of her for me."

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