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   Chapter 59 Got Jealous

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More than that, Lucia had no choice to express so since Mr. Ron had been so cold to her.

However, Ron couldn't help frowning.

He felt that something was wrong with Lucia since she was going to hold a press conference.

As for Evan, although he felt a little sorry for his precious daughter, she was not bad either. But she was willing to stick to the second hand man Ron.

And he even infuriated their daughter by all kinds of stupid things she had done.

Fortunately, her daughter's choice at last redeemed Shen family's reputation.

"You can leave now. Shen family is preparing for the news conference."

Evan asked them to leave.

Ron naturally stood up and held Holley in his arms.

"Honey, it's my fault. I didn't arrange it well so that you didn't feel well but came here in vain. Let's go home. "

He was gentle and spoiled. The way he treated Holley was totally different from his attitude to Lucia.

Lucia felt her heart aching.

She was an arrogant princess. But the man she loved didn't look at her in the eye. There was only the dirty woman like Holley in his heart.

Rex also stood up and waved his hand, "goodbye."

He was Mr. Yan. Even if he left without permission, Evan would not get in the way of him. At most, Evan would snitch on him to his grandfather who didn't take charge of him much.

As for Ron, Evan had made up his mind that in the next year, Shen family would do everything to fight against the Mu family, which was determined to make it the second-class family.

But that was a later story.

First of all, the first person he would take out his anger was the one who had broken into the Shen family. It was exactly Detective Lin.

But Detective Lin was not an easy person to be bullied. He bowed to Evan politely and said, "Mr. Evan, this is the arrest warrant from the Provincial police station. Please have a look."

He got the arrest warrant from the Provincial police station and it was a token of Lucia.

That was what he could rely on to visit the Shen family.

The Provincial police stati

hink you are talking about yourself."

"No way!"

Ron was unhappy and denied.

"But what about Linda? And what was Nancy? And how about Hannah? "

Holley could easily refer to more than three women even without digging deeply.

Ron rubbed his forehead with a headache.

It was hard to explain these things.

Holley only felt funny, "You don't want to tell me that they are willing to stick to you on their own initiative, do you?"

"Yes, that's true."

After thinking it over, Ron nodded.


Holley could only sneer at this kind of thing.

"Let me say." As soon as they got into the car, Ron seemed to have thought of something. He suddenly turned back, grabbed Holley's hand and stared at her. "Aren't you jealous?"

"No way!"

Holley denied resolutely.

"I prefer you being jealous."

Ron said affectionately. Holley couldn't help having goose bumps.

In the Shen family's house.

"Lucia, don't think about Ron anymore," Evan said firmly.

"Daddy, my dearest Daddy! You don't do so. Now Mr. Ron is obsessed with that woman. And I've arranged everything well. After the press conference tonight, Mr. Ron will never be with that woman called Holley Ye. I've never pursued love, but this time, I'll fight for it by all means, because I really like Mr. Ron. I love him so much. The colder he is to me, the more I'm obsessed with him. "

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