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   Chapter 58 Mr. Ron, Please Tell Me

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Holding the cell phone that Ron gave her, Holley seemed to figure out one thing.

No wonder that scumbag didn't let her speak out his phone number.

It turned out that the trap was dug here waiting for her.

Thanks to her good memory, she didn't forget his phone number. Otherwise, she would be in trouble again.

She dialed Ron's number.

Then, Ron answered the phone.

"Honey, have you arrived?"


She answered confusedly and she didn't know what tricks he was playing.

However, Ron took it perfectly and said, "Have a look. Detective Lin of the police station should be here too."


Holley didn't know how to respond to cooperate with the man.

She looked around and saw a police station's car coming.

A man, who looked almost the same age as Ron, got out of the car in a stiff uniform and came to the side of Holley.

"Mrs. Holley, right?"

"Yes." Answered Holley carelessly.

Ron's voice came from the other end of the phone, "you can come in with Detective Lin. I'm now in the living room of Shen family."

Then he hung up the phone.

Holley was confused. Detective Lin was polite because he made a gesture of 'please' to her.

Seeing that she was still in a daze, Detective Lin explained, "Mrs. Holley, last night you were drugged at the banquet. Mr. Ron had called the police. Miss Lucia Shen said she knew the truth, so I brought the investigation warrant here today. Mrs. Holley was the victim, so you should appear. "Mr. Ron is kind-hearted. In order to save the trouble for the police station, he asked me here."

"Let's go."

Holley couldn't remember anything about Lucia.

Last night, she didn't even get in touch with this daughter of Shen family. How could she know the truth?

Holley replied in a low voice. Then she followed Detective Lin to Shen's Manor.

Rex immediately ran towards them and said, "Sir, I'm the person concerned in the case of last night. Should I go with you and cooperate with you to in

ey without looking at her.

As if he addicted himself to loving his wife, Ron gripped her hand tightly and asked, "are you all right? Can you still hold on? Come and sit here. "

Ron's attitude made Lucia feel like that she wanted to join him but was still laughed at.

She curled her lips with grievance, "Mr. Ron, what do you think? You are here. Don't you want to know the truth of last night? If you want to know, why you don't want to listen to me in private? "

Mr. Ron didn't want to explain anything more to her.

"Miss Shen, it's not appropriate to tell anything related to the case in private. Besides, the case has been filed on the court. Miss Shen, you should give the police station a reply. "

Detective Lin spoke in a timely manner, using police station and law to discourage her.

However, Lucia didn't give up on Ron. She continued, "Mr. Ron, tell me your answer. That's my attitude. As long as you go to have a cup of coffee with me alone, I will tell you the truth. "

"It's not a bad thing. Don't be afraid to tell others."

Ron frowned and said. He hated being pestered by women.


Shocked by Ron's words, Lucia nodded her head, "I'll hold a press conference at 6:00 this evening to clarify what happened last night. I hope that all of you will be present then. Don't let me down."

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