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   Chapter 57 Selfish Emotion

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Outside Shen's Manor.

Ron stopped the car, claiming his sovereignty, and held his little woman to get out of the car.

Rex and Eleanor had already arrived, and they got out of the car in succession.

Ron was so aggressive that when he saw Rex, the provocation in his eyes increased.

He suddenly bent over and kissed Holley's forehead.

Flustered as she was, she instinctively tried to avoid it, but was clasped tightly by Ron and could not move at all.

'I was bitten by a dog, bitten by a dog.'

Holley comforted herself.

After a gentle kiss, Ron pretended that he just saw Rex, "what a coincidence! Mr. Yan is also here."

Rex snorted.

It was very clear that Mr. Ron asked him to come with Eleanor, but now he just pretended to be so.

Considering of Holley, he didn't expose anything. He leaned back, leaning on the sports car behind him.

Ron affectionately flicked the little woman's hair near her ear, and said, "give them the stuff. Call me in ten minutes and use this cell phone."

He gave her a cell phone and was about to leave.

After walking a few steps, he turned back and suddenly pulled Holley into his arms.

"My dear wife, I don't like you to chat with other men."

He said with a smile. His voice was so pleasant to hear that it made anyone who heard it fall in love with him.

Holley didn't smile but nodded, "I'll wait for you in your car, in your car."

"Ok. Good girl."

Turning around, Ron walked straight into Shen's Manor.

He rang the doorbell and was warmly welcomed into the living room.

Basically, the Shen couple were retired from the first-line business of the company and all the things were handled by their eldest son, Charles.

They just stayed at home to drink tea, have a look at the chores, and worry about their three children's marriage.

When they came back from the banquet last night, their precious daughter, Lucia Shen, always talked about one opposite sex.

That was the man Ron who had visited today.

Even if Ron wa

o get you in trouble."

She was polite, but it meant that she was estranged from him, and that she wanted to stay away from him.

Rex threw the cigar in his hand into the dustbin and said, "Holley, you also think that Ron is a scum. Why do you still obey him? Eleanor has told me everything about you. I know you don't owe Mr. Ron anything. You are wronged. Are you willing to be at the mercy of him all your life? Don't you want to pursue your true happiness? "

"I..." Rex stuttered.

For a moment, Rex was speechless. He didn't know why he said that.

He just wanted to express that he wanted to give Holley happiness.

However, maybe he had never thought that way in his relationship with any other woman, so he didn't know how to express it.

"Mr. Yan, thank you for your concern. Ron can threaten the life of the people I care about. "

Holley said desperately.

If she had another choice, how could she return to Ron after she was released from prison?

That man was a scumbag and a devil!

"But Mr. Ron..."

Rex couldn't see Holley's grievances, and he didn't care much about the selfish thoughts in his heart, so he opened his mouth and wanted to tell the truth.

Before he could finish his words, Holley gave him a gesture to stop and said, "I have to give him a call. It's ten minutes' time that I promised him."

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