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   Chapter 56 Honey, Don't Be Naughty

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6581

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Holley didn't dare to look at Ron.

She was afraid that the man would look at her and say to her, "it seems that Eleanor is destined to be in jail again, then the deal between us is invalid."

She struggled to stand up.

But her legs were shaking uncontrollably.

Unable to keep her balance, she fell directly into Ron's arms.

He held her tight and didn't say anything. Then, he lifted her to his chest and carried her back to the sofa.

"Honey, don't be naughty."

He lowered his voice, very gentle, and whispered in Holley's ear.

For a moment, Holley was absent-minded.

All of a sudden, her memory returned to the day four years ago.

She sprained her ankle. In order to prevent Ron from attending the ball without a female companion, she jumped high to show that her foot was okay.

But the outcome was like today.

Four years ago, she had asked for trouble. She sprained her already half-recovered feet more severe.

Now after four years, she made her belly ache even more.

But Ron said that sentence again, what was it?

Four years ago, in order to prove that he was in true love with her, he gently coaxed her who sprained her ankle with tears in her eyes.

Today, their relationship had already been at odds. She knew very well that he didn't love her, and he should be tired of acting.

Looking at Ron, there was a faint hatred in Holley's eyes. "Don't repeat the tenderness four years ago."

Ron also frowned slightly.

"Do you want me to cancel the arrangement this afternoon?"

He asked unpleasantly. Then he turned around, not knowing where to go.

Holley was anxious.

She blamed herself for being thoughtless and stupid all day.

She almost jumped off the sofa. She wanted to rush to that man, stop him and tell him that she didn't want him to cancel this afternoon's arrangement.

But she was still too weak.

She had no strength to stand firm, nor did she stop Ron, but fell awkwardl


"Okay, let's go."

After looking the little woman up and down and confirming that she was in a good condition, Ron made the decision with relief.

At Eleanor's bar.

Rex took a swig of the strongest whisky in his mouth.

He had never been so concerned about Holley.

However, the people he sent to Mexico conveyed such news.

Mr. Lan sent Moore to Mexico in order to create turmoil and then quietly kiss this lawyer who had damaged his business and caused him a great loss of money.

However, before his men could take actions to kill him, Moore was protected by another group of people.

Although it was hard to find out the leader of the group, his men were still able to do it.

It was actually Ron!

'How could Ron protect Moore?'

Having known such a thing, for the first time in the life of Rex, he felt troubled.

He had the impulse to tell the truth to Holley, so that she didn't have to worry about Moore any more.

But he had his own selfish motive.

Once Holley knew that Ron had been helping her and protecting her friend, whether she would change her attitude towards that man?

Would she not hate that man?

Would it be impossible for him and her to be together anymore?

"Mr. Yan, news from my sister. She wants us to go to Shen's Manor together."

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