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   Chapter 55 Remember It. Memorize It

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The price was of more than one hundred thousand dollars. Even if Holley sold her flesh by weight, she couldn't get so much.

Besides, it was just a nickname. She didn't care about it. She would bear it.

"No, this phone is good."

Taking back the phone, Holley still disliked the note. She couldn't help but wrinkle her nose slightly.

She tried again, and found that as Ron said, the note's name was set by the factory, and could not be changed or deleted.

She had to give up struggling and accepted that disgusting note.

Playing with her mobile phone, Holley saved the phone number of Eleanor and Moore, but not knowing that Ron was standing beside her all the time, staring at her mobile phone screen.

She was there, corrected the nickname of Moore carefully.

She had been calling Moore brother. Even after these years, nothing had changed. In the past, the name she had kept in her phone was Brother Moore.

She had just typed Brother Moore. But before she pressed the confirmation key, she suddenly felt that her hand was empty.

The bastard named Ron took her phone away.

"Memorize it."

Ron was so bossy and ordered in a tough tone.

But Holley had no idea what that man wanted her to memorize.


Holley asked in confusion.

"Memorize my phone number, now!" he said word by word.

"I don't know."

Holley said honestly.

'what's wrong with him to ask me to memorize his number?'

Moreover, according to their relationship, wasn't it necessary for her to memorize his number?

"I'll give you two minutes to remember my number."

He pressed the screen and gave the phone back to Holley.

She turned to look at the screen, only to find that the phone number of Moore was gone.

"Have you deleted my contact?"

Frowning, Holley looked at Ron in disgust, "Do you understand to respect other people's privacy? How co

this matter did not lie in the video in the monitor, but in the video that the scumbag had uploaded to the Cloud.

As long as the videos in the Cloud had been completely deleted, it wouldn't be a problem for Mr. Yan and Eleanor to steal the equipment from Ron.

"You are wrong."

He smiled and took out the camera equipment from the drawer. "After a while, I'll take you to do something. You can ask Mrs. Eleanor and Mr. Yan to go to that place together. At that time, I will allow you to hand over this device to Eleanor in person. If there is a video, I believe that her people can delete all the content on the cloud as long as they are not men of straw bag. In this way, it's fair to both you and me. "

She knew that it was impossible for that man to delete the video in the Cloud, but this was the best result.

"Deal. Where are you taking me?"

In fact, she wanted to make a deal with it. Otherwise the scum Ron would go back on his word. What should she do?

"Let's have dinner first and then see how you feel."

"I am fine."

Holley tried to act energetic and vigorous, and she even hopped several times.

"Umm..." Holley murmured

When she jumped, her belly began to ache again.

She covered her belly, squatted down upset...

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