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   Chapter 54 You Can Also Refuse

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He looked carefully at Holley who was grabbing his sleeve.

Ron kept silent for a full minute before he raised his right hand and covered it on the little woman's hand.

He grabbed her hand tightly. After another minute's silence, he said, "I'll think about it."

As long as there was hope, Holley grasped Ron's hand more forcefully. "Don't think about it. Just say yes. You can change another condition. As long as you don't sue Eleanor, I will promise you anything. "

The little woman promised. However, a glimmer of slyness crossed her eyes.

That sly smile was caught by him.

Ron didn't debunk her lie. He just nodded and said, "I promise you on another condition. But I have to think about it. If I agreed too hastily, it would be like I lost out on a business deal. "

Holley was a little speechless. She just pouted and sat there. "Well, but you are a man, you have to keep your words."

"It depends on your performance."

All of a sudden, Ron bent over and gave a cunning smile. What he said next really made Holley sick.

She had a bad feeling.

But to her disappointment, there was many things in Ron's hand that could threaten her. However, she could do nothing.

She sighed slightly, stood up obediently, wrapped in a blanket, and returned to the sofa voluntarily.

It was too boring to sit there alone.

Holley carefully asked, "Well, where is my phone?"

"It was lost."

He spoke out the truth quite cruelly.


Holley blinked her eyes in disbelief and cursed herself in her mind, 'what a bad luck! Why did I have to buy a phone when I didn't get any money at all?'.

Was it forcing her to rob the bank?

"How did you lose it?"

She kept asking and her intuition told her that it was Ron who threw away her cell phone on purpose.

However, Ron sat there with a clam look, as if the matter had nothing to do with him at all.

"God knows how you lost it. We couldn't find it anyway."

Ron was indifferent. He didn't take the phone seriously.


Holley curled her lips in disgust.

Ron suddenly stood up and walked toward Holley.

Getting close to the little woman, Ron said in a low and charming voice, "woman, have I ever been married with someone else?"


She didn't expect that man would ask such a strange question.

Holley was stunned.

Ron said overbearingly, "Tell me. Have I ever married to anyone else except you?"


Holley answered, but she didn't understand why that man would ask such a question.

"Since I don't, then what you think is very boring. As long as I have married you, it means that I am just your husband. It's natural for me to have such remarks on your phone. "

He said seriously as if declaring his sovereignty. Then an evil smile appeared on his face.

Locking his little woman's eyes, as if he wanted to swallow her up, Ron said again, "I give you a friendly reminder. This note was set automatically when the phone was released by the factory. It cannot be changed and cannot be deleted. I must have such a note on your phone. "

After a pause, he said considerately, "of course, you can refuse the phone. But the phone that my assistant used must be high-end and powerful. It must be fully equipped. "

He pushed a name card and said, "the phone is released by the factory. You can contact them and customized a new one."

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