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   Chapter 53 No, Scumbag Ron

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When he rushed into the supermarket, Ron was dumbfounded.

Damn it.

There were so many brands.

He took one bag of each brand one by one, put a stack of cash on the cashier's desk and then walked out of the supermarket with a bag full of women products.

It was already shocking enough for a man to buy sanitary napkins for a woman.

Moreover, he had bought a lot at one time.

Being stared at by the crowd, Ron remained calm and decent. He walked out of the supermarket and into the pharmacy directly.

"It's for girls to take to relieve pain during their periods."

If he didn't take it seriously, the doctor would still think that Ron, who came with a lot of sanitary towels, was a freak.

"It's your first time to buy one, right?"

The doctor kindly reminded him, "in fact, you will know which brand your girlfriend uses if you pay more attention to it. You really didn't have to buy so many, and she couldn't use so many at one time. Besides, it has a shelf life and will expire. "

The doctor said.

Ron smiled awkwardly, "we just knew each other."

"How lucky she is!"

The doctor smiled and recommended a kind of medicine to him, "you can choose this release. It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which does not harm the body. It's much better than the painkiller. "

"Okay, thank you."

Without asking for the price, he placed down the money, grabbed the medicine and ran out of the pharmacy.

In President's Office on the top floor of Mu's Group.

Holley was desperate.

'I can't believe that Ron has been away for so long and hasn't come back yet.

Is this the plot of that bastard?'

He had lied to her that he would buy the sanitary pad for her, but it turned out that he hadn't come back and she could only stay in the bathroom for a whole day.

Holley began to panic.

Finally, she heard the footsteps and the voice of Ron.

"What brand are you using?"

"No choosing, you can choose anything you like, but for nighttime use."

Ron had really come back.

That w

ice with a sullen face, grabbed the phone from her hand and directly hung up.

"You are my wife. Why do you care about Mr. Yan?"

"……" Holley was speechless.

"And what is the scumbag Ron?"

Holley was still speechless.

When she woke up, she hadn't seen Ron.

She thought he was going for a meeting.

She didn't expect that he would come back so soon. He had heard the nickname she gave him.

Feeling awkward, Holley smiled and said, "you misheard me."

She lied boldly.

Anyway, Ron couldn't allow the clock to roll back and repeat the situation.

"I see."

The man nodded thoughtfully. "Maybe I heard it wrong, but you didn't listen wrongly to me in the car this morning. I want to sleep with you. But judging from your current situation, I'm afraid you can't make it. "

"Why not? We just sleep on the same bed? Any influence? "

Holley asked carelessly.

Ron was half amused and half angry. He was on the verge of bursting into laughter.

"What are you thinking about? I can't tell you what I really want to tell you. When I told you something special, you didn't understand. I want you to be my woman. But I won't cross the red light. It seems that you are unable to solve the matter of Eleanor, and I have to call the lawyer. "


Holley's face turned pale. She hugged Ron's arm and cried, "no! Please don't..."

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