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   Chapter 52 High Purity Green-tea Bitch

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Hearing that, Hannah could not help but sneer.

Who was Holley to fire her?

All of a sudden, Hannah stopped sneering.

There was a pitiful look on her face.

She ran away from Holley to Mr. Ron. "President, I'm sorry. I don't know what I did wrong to upset Mrs. Holley. She is going to fire me, but I didn't do anything! "

Hearing Hannah's accusation.

Holley's first reaction was that this woman was green-tea bitch with high purity.

Four years ago, Mu's Group was very formal and the employees were all normal.

The company was now in a mess which was filled with green tea within just four years, and Ron was really capable.

Without any more consideration, this Hannah was a woman who had the similar background to that of Nancy and Mr. Ron.

'I'd better leave this mess to Ron, ' Holley thought.

She walked forward in a cool manner.

Before she could say anything, Hannah looked at her with tears in her eyes. "Mrs. Holley, what did I do wrong? Why did you kick me out of the company? I didn't make any mistakes. Please tell our president and ask him not to drive me out. "

Holley blinked her big eyes and tried not to laugh.

In her eyes, Hannah was a clown.

But she didn't know what was in Ron's mind.

Anyway, it didn't matter what he thought.

With a soft smile, Holley showed the card in her hand and said, "you misunderstood. I came here to throw the garbage away. Please move aside not to block the way of the garbage bin."

There was a garbage bin beside the elevator which went straight to President's Office.

However, Holley didn't throw the card into that garbage bin. Instead, she threw the card to the place where Hannah was standing now.

Hannah felt humiliated.

She was unwilling to move away.

Holley raised her hand and pushed her aside. Then she threw the card into the garbage bin.

She tossed away the brooch card and smiled sweetly at Ron, "I'll leave you alone to handle this."

When she was about to leave, Ron grabbed her hand and said, "what's

at man wanted to come in, she decisively refused.

She felt a sharp pain in her belly, but she managed to call out the two words with all her strength.

If that man came in at this time, wouldn't she be naked?

"Then get out. I'll give you one minute. If you can't get out, I'll go in and help you,"

Ron announced predominantly.

"I have an emergency,"

Holley's brain was spinning fast. Fortunately, she just had a stomachache, not a dull brain fart.

"What happened?"

"I need the sanitary pad... You don't have it here... "

Holley said awkwardly.

It dawned on Ron that this was his private office and no woman's use was true.

"Got it. I'll go and buy it."

Ron said resolutely.

It was a piece of cake for him, but he didn't want others to handle it.

He was afraid that those people wouldn't be able to buy what the little woman wanted in the first place.

Beyond the door, Holley asked weakly, "Are you still there? Do you know which brand to buy? "

But Ron was so fast that he ran out of the office just after he finished his words.

"He's gone?"

Holley asked in confusion.

Leaning against the wall, she felt that what had just happened was like a dream.

'why did Ron fire Hannah without hesitation?'

What's more, her belly was aching and that man Ron even rushed over instantly.

What's the plot?

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